Pear jam

I am stitching like crazy, trying to get a whole bunch of stuff done for next week’s show. I want to have a few toys in the shop (possibly in the window) as well as the prints on the walls. I might be pushing for time though so I may just have to settle with an all-star pear line-up. We got all the final prints back from the printers on Monday and I am really pleased. It’s always exciting to get something back like this and for it to actually look just how I had hoped. A few of them are huge (about a metre high) and apart from feeling a little confronted seeing my characters practically leap off the page, that too is a buzz. Some will be for sale online late next week.

Tomorrow I am going out to get some more of that beautiful green hand dyed 100% wool felt that I love so much but which costs a bomb. For the little pears it’s totally worth it because I don’t need a whole lot and the colour is so delicate. Once I have the felt there will be pears for one and all.

The Softies gallery for last month is coming – slowly – it may be next week at this rate. I am pretty flat out so I am sorry for the wait. The first of the June Bugs have arrived and there is also the Back-Tack project (which I have to admit I am making a dog’s breakfast of) and also the new and inspiring Tie One On which is something I am going to pen in for July. So much to do! I really, really want to clone myself!

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23 Responses

  1. hey Claire 🙂
    I spy patchwork on central park fabric on that left-hand pear! 🙂 ooooh I love that place so much! BUT i was wondering where you buy the hand dyed wool felt from…? (if you can divulge your sources!).

    thanks! (ps can’t wait to go see the show next week) x

  2. God bless you, girl! You are so good to all of us. The pears already are just too cute!! I know your show will be a huge success!! Wish we could be there!!

  3. Good luck on your show! There’s no doubt in my mine that it will be awesome!
    Quick question, what sort of pattern did you use for your pears? Right now I am sewing “sweet peas” and I basically started with a flower design and then sewed it all together to make a ball, if that makes any sense..

    so my question is how many pieces of material did you use for them? Is it just the felt and then the fabric? Or in the back is the fabric seperated into three pieces? and connected at the top somewhere? And is there any place online where you buy your doll patterns?

    Whew long post, ok have a wonderful day!

  4. says:

    Your pears are so cute, and your show is going to be wonderful. I can’t wait to what prints you’ll be selling! I’ll be first in line. 🙂

  5. Ooohhh, I’m so excited for you and your show! You must be so exhausted… no worries about the gallery – just focus on your show for now! I know what you mean about feeling over-extended, and I don’t have a show coming up!

  6. Maybe you should round up a good old fashioned sewing circle. Call up your crafty friends, feed them yummy treats and spend a day chatting and sewing up a few little toys of your own design, assembly line style. Then sell them at your show. People are going to love you and your stuff, and want to take a bit of your work home with them. I know if I could make it across the ocean, I would.

  7. I like your blog.It is so nice.Good luck~

  8. Your pears slay me. One of my college roommates used to draw pears with faces for me. I still have one. I should frame it, shouldn’t I? Happy pear-ing!

  9. I love the little polka-dotted pears! I’d better get to work on my June bug..

  10. may i reserve a pear?i will pay in advance.
    thank you.

  11. Those pears look very promising!! I hope you’ll be selling them soon because I must have one… they are sooooo cute!

  12. says:

    I love that colour! I’m a real sucker for greens like that. I’ve never worked with wool felt, although I bet it’s a billion times nicer than the acrylic that I’m used to using.

  13. Does that mean we are going to get a chance to purchase one of these fabulous pears? Will they be on Ebay? Can you tell I want one?

  14. it’s amazing you’re doing all of that yourself. you fingers must be getting sore, handstitching all that. wow! they look great though and am looking forward too seeing a photo of it all set up.

  15. I absolutely love those pears. Though I have a penchant for personified fruits and veggies. Go figure!

  16. says:

    wow. hope you don’t torture your eyes too much. they are really cute.

  17. what cuties!!! where do you buy your felt?

  18. why don’t you have people add their own photo to a softies group on Flickr or something? So you don’t have to do it yourself?

  19. I so wish I could make it to your show but unfortunately I am half a world away – literally. Would you ever be willing to part with the pattern for your pears? My daughter would be over the moon. (I live in Canada so there is no possibility that I would rain on your creative parade.)

  20. says:

    hey claire,your work is amazing. these are really cute. when i first saw them though i thought they were slippers! then i realised they weren’t. then i realised how cool it would be to have slippers like that! keep up with the good work.

  21. joy!that is an excellent idea!

  22. Hi!! I have to say I’m so excited about those little pears. They are so precious! Are you going to be selling them on your site? I hope so I want one so bad 🙂
    love ash

  23. oooh. wanna buy a pear!
    your show looks so great. i wish i could see it in person!