June’s A Month of Softies Theme

Happy Winter (for all those in my part of the world).
Winter weather has been creeping up on us this last week and a bit so the actual onset of official winter is not so startling. Just cold.

May’s Month of Softies gallery will be up soon I hope. Please send me in your contribution if you are still stitching away. I am… Hopefully the little lamb’s flowery dress will be finished today.

This month’s theme is “June Bug“. I realise that strictly speaking a June Bug looks like this but the idea for the month is, as usual, not that specific. My idea is that the softie should be some kind of insect and should be made in the month of June. Other than the usual rule that it needs to be a craft piece (soft or otherwise – as opposed to an illustration or painting) anything goes.

I am tempted to make a family of stick insects based on the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect Family which is growing at a rate of knots. I read to Big-P from the Friends of The Zoo magazine yesterday that the family they have in captivity is now up to it’s second generation!

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22 Responses

  1. very cool theme. I cant wait. This’ll be my first submission.

  2. Oh, how I do love the new themes each month–thinking cap is on!

  3. How fun. 🙂 I missed out on May’s but I definitely can’t miss out on the bug theme!

  4. I am so excited to try to make a bug.

  5. Ha! I had a bet with myself that it would be June Bug!
    Thanks Claire.

  6. Okay, that bug picture kinda freaked me out, thanks. 😉 Great theme though–thank you!!

  7. oh, an excuse to try and make a new bug :]

  8. Happy winter to you!I get the thought that you are way way away from where I am when you talk about winter while I wait for summer to start over here! 🙂

    Did crochet lots of pink flowers, but didn’t make any softie this month unfortunatly. Like the bug thought though, will look forward to see what you and the rest comes up with!

    Take care!

  9. lisa@lisacoutts.com says:

    Doh…ran out of time to do may flowers…but I did learn to knit flowers in my attempts.MUST start on June bug tonight.

  10. Yes, yes, yes. I can definitely go for this one…………I’m off to the scrap bag. Its just coming up to early summer here in Eastbourne, England. We had a glorious weekend, but why does it always rain on a bank holiday Monday?

  11. caliope@clix.pt says:

    great idea for this month 🙂

  12. Hey! Where did May go! I completely forgot about my softie this month! Winter has finally hit here in Canberra too, and it is a rather pleasant change from the heat.

  13. Yay for June bugs! What a great theme – thanks Claire! Must get the creative juices flowing…

  14. Oh bugs…hurray! I’ve been wanting to make a bug for some time now… *does a silly scuttle-bug dance* Thanks for the new theme… I can’t wait to get started.

  15. Eeeek! That’s a June BEETLE, not a ‘bug’! Sorry, enough of the entomo-trivia. I’ve been wanted to get on the Month Of Softies ball for a while. Now I definitely have incentive!

  16. You have the BEST themes! Hip, hip hooray!

  17. i only just learned about the softies entry…hope i am not too late for may submission =P
    so excited…!

  18. Good idea! this theme is original and very creative!

  19. Oh I am always excited to see the new softie topic! For a second I thought the topic was “happy winter” but June Bug is a great topic. I love bugs! We actually have a whole bunch of June bugs around here right now but I will probably browse my husband’s bug collection for some more inspiration. Happy Winter!

  20. Hi, just found your site a litle time ago and I’m really excited with your project. Thank’s God I could send you something to may flower and I hope I’ll have time and imagination to participate in this June bugs. by the way, here back in Portugal summer is starting now, and how good is to have sun shining!!! (sorry for my english that sometimes is not the most correct)

  21. I was reading your post and wondering … you were speaking about the onset of Winter, while I am now living the first hellish hot day which announce Summer and it suddenly struck me: you are on the other side of the world. Literally! I am here, planning my first day at the beach in sunny Portugal, communicating with and contributing to the work of someone over the oceans and the continents in Australia. One of the wonders of technology!

  22. anja_louise@hotmail.com says:

    hi! I used to read your blog a long long time ago, back in 2002 before I moved away from home and stopped having regular internet access. Then, I was just thinking about it the other day trying to remember what it was called, and then today I stumbled across it through the Month of Softies site. I’ve just recently gotten into dollmaking, and it was an unexpected way to end up being reintroduced to your blog! I’m glad I found it again!