Illo Friday – Nourishment

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is “Nourishment” which coincides nicely with my plans for tomorrow afternoon. While we have to paint the woodwork in the bedrooms to get ready for holland blind installation next week, I am also planning to cook up a big pot of stock ready for the wintery season of risottos and soups. I can’t tell you how cold this house gets at night. We crave soup.

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16 Responses

  1. OK, so not only are you busy doing unbelievable illustrations, blogging, Softies, house renos, getting an exhibition ready, being a Mum – you also make your own stock?!
    I feel like the total slacker.
    Make mental note now to self to get busier.

    And absolutely agree with the Green & Black Organic Chocolate – in particular the one with almonds. I go through a block every couple of days. I should buy shares in that company.

    Love your work as always.

  2. Hot soup, yum. One of those pumpkin pies will warm you up,as well. And the oven heats the kitchen. One of these days I’m going to participate in Illustration Friday, or so I keep telling myself. Is it true you have no furnaces in Australia? What about a fireplace? I’d love to live somewhere where you didn’t need a furnace.

  3. Great illustration! And by the way, just as I pulled up your blog, I took a bite of my all-time favorite chocolate … Green & Black’s milk chocolate. Their chocolate is the best. Hands down. It’s perfection. Yummmmmmmmm!!!!!

  4. wow I like the colours and she is so cute while carring that big pot:) by the way “have a good meal “;)

  5. What a lovely picture. I love your art. I come here most often just to see if you have posted another picture.Homemade stock is a staple in my house as well. Enjoy.

  6. I love it!
    It’s funny to think that you are going into the cold season, we are just starting up the hot season here. I am even sunburned as we speak, with the A/C on!

  7. so cute and it captures the idea very well!

  8. It’s so nice seeing your illustrations in Illustration Friday, they are just fantastic.

  9. love soup, too…but we are on the other side of the world and are headed into summer, so cold soup weather ahead!!!

  10. says:

    Sod the soup, Im checking out that Chocolate link *L*The illustration is lovely though, Id like that top.


  11. I love colors and textures and now i´m a fan of your month of softies. CUTE!!

  12. Great illustration, I really like the colors.

  13. so Green and Blacks is now available in oz? COOL! there is no reason to stay in the UK now! ooh just wait til they start selling their ice cream and biscuits too… hehe.
    happy stock-making! 🙂

  14. like those loooooooong arms holding that biiiiiiiiig bowl! it’s so clever! it totally works! that stock sounds wonderful – how much do you make?

  15. heh heh hehthis is going to sound
    terribly odd
    but i mean it as a
    huge compliment

    when i come to you site
    i find myself clapping
    my hands
    in inspiration and excitement…
    told you it sounded odd…

  16. Lovely! I did a similiar idear for my illo. I’ll have to try out that chicken broth…yum!