Again I have missed out on getting a copy of ME’s Home Companion from our nearest big, evil book retailer! They seem to get about four or five copies in per issue and it disappears so quickly. Anyone interested in doing a regular magazine swap? Send me each Home Companion as it comes out and I will send back a Donna Hay (or an interesting Australian lifestyle magazine of my choice if you are into surprises). Email me if you’re keen and reliable! 😀
Speaking of swaps, I have got my Back-Tack parcel together and ready to mail off tomorrow. Lots of lovely fabrics and a few extra treats. I love mail swaps.

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21 Responses

  1. reidfamily@pacific.net.au says:

    Claire,Have you tried Borders? Just a thought. And thanks for introducing me to another vice – I hadn’t seen this one before. Hmmm….

  2. I would love to do a magazine swap with you! I LOVE Donna Hay, I have one of her cookbooks, Entertaining, and have bought her magazine a couple of times at Borders. It’s just hard to get here in Chicago. Although last week she was in town doing a cooking demo in the kitchen department of Marshall Field’s. I snuck over and watched for a little while. I just love her and wish she had been around when I lived in Sydney for a year back in 1995.

  3. I’ll gladly swap mags with you, but I think you can get an international subscription too. I’ll have to look at my issue for the info.

  4. kateri@wi.rr.com says:

    I would be happy to do this for you and the Australian magazine would be great. Email me privately and we can set it up.

  5. i will look for it at my neighborhood bookshop when i get off work this afternoon. if i find it, i will let you know!

  6. If you don’t mind sending to Canada, I would love to swap mags with you.

  7. I would be willing to do the swap, if you still need someone. I have quite a few back issues, too. So that may sweeten the deal.I like the idea of getting a surprise mag from Australia.

  8. If nobody’s asked yet, I’ll swap with you!

  9. thepinkllama@mac.com says:

    Hi- I’m a lurker (!) but would be more than happy to send the magazine in exchange for Donna Hay. A couple of years of sending my mother various US magazines ensures I am reliable…email me if you are still in need.

  10. mobedell@hevanet.com says:

    Hi Claire,Im game for a swap. I sent you an email with more info- I am addicted to magazines so it sounds good to me!

  11. Claire,there was a letter from an australian this month bemoaning the same thing–you may be happy to know they now have international subscriptions–six issues for $36.95 (US).Sign up at the website:

  12. I would be glad to send you Home Companion, I would hate for you to miss out on all it’s wonderful goodness! I’ve been a subscriber for several years and never miss an issue!

  13. I would LOVE to swap with you-I buy ME’s home and it’s easy for me to pick up 2 and I would love a donna-and you know I am reliable! I really am!:)

  14. dml10@earthlink.net says:

    Which ME do you want? I’ll send it to you. I love reading Donna Hay.

  15. me, me, me!I will do for you!

  16. I got on the back-tack wagon because of your site. YAY! I am so excited. I sent off my package last week and am looking forward to seeing what I receive. FUN!

  17. I am in! I love MEHC mag… let me know

  18. jetcmarko@yahoo.com says:

    hey,..I’ll have to check out Donna Hay,…do you read organic style magazine?..it’s amazingly cheap, a great read,it has good finds and great recipes… I love getting it each month.

  19. 1000hats@optonline.net says:

    I know you are a Blythe fan so go check out http://www.knitty.com. There are a couple of great knit sweater patterns just for Miss Blythe herself.Enjoy!

  20. Thank you so much for all the kind offers! I have just filled out an international subscription (thanks Snowbear! – I swear I didn’t see that when I looked!) and will now wait for my first issue to arrive.

  21. rosalind@tpgi.com.au says:

    hi claire, i see that you are waiting for your subscription but just thought i would let you know that i was in borders melbourne central yesterday and they had a big stock (8-10) of the current issue