Illustration Friday – Mischief

Here’s a long overdue contribution to Illustration Friday. This week’s theme is mischief which brought to mind an event from my early childhood — while I didn’t realise I was being mischievous at the time, there’s really no other word from it from a parent’s point of view.

The year was c. 1977. My best friend in the world was the little boy down the street named Dan. He was my sun and my moon, my east and my west. Most importantly he was my Luke Skywalker. He had long flowing 1970s blonde hair while I had super short, brunette, home cut hair. There was often confusion from strangers as to who was Claire and who was Dan. Anyway – one sunny morning while Dan was playing at our place and my Mum was on the phone, I decided it was a good time to play hair salon. And I did such a beautiful job of cutting his lovely tresses. I can still very clearly remember four things about the event – one is the little chair that he sat on while I cut his hair, the second is my mother’s expression while still on the phone when I brought Dan out to show off his new do, and a third is his father’s expression when he came to pick him up shortly afterwards. But the thing that really stayed with me was the feeling of absolute pride I had in creating such a wonderful haircut.

An update to yesterday. The file was lost and gone forever, but fortunately I found an early example of it (not saved in layers so essentially useless) but I was able to redo it very quickly with this as a guide. Phew! Thanks for the support! Much left over sticky-toffee pudding was consumed.

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21 Responses

  1. hee hee…i did my sister’s fringe as well…what else are little sisters for other than being large dolls?! mum was none too pleased at her baby’s spikes!

  2. great illo! i had some nice and not so nice memories, too especially with our laundrywoman when i was a child….

  3. Very mischievous! And momo, that’s too funny. By the way Claire, I love Murakami – so glad you like him too. He’s such a great writer! I’m always passing his books on to friends (along with Siri Hustvedt, my other star recommendation).

  4. Perfect choice and beautifully done! I don’t know what your layered version would’ve been like, but this works really well. My kids have done this too – it is mischief and meant in a creative and fun way, but also a bit defiant too, I figure :).

  5. Too cute Claire. I love this one. I’m glad to see you’ve done an iFriday submission. You are the reason I started some months back… Someone commented on one of my illustations and said it reminded them of the australian girl’s style, Loobylu. So, I looked you up and on your page was a link to illustration friday. So, thank-you!

  6. Cute! I guess Dan was pleased as punch too?

  7. says:

    I did this too, Claire!! I clearly remember saying I would only pretend and I wouldn’t cut Fiona’s (my Dan’s) hair and then doing it. Not sure whether I was proud of the haircut, although there was a sense of satisfaction. I don’t remember feeling guilty either. What I do remember is the overwhelming, almost trance-like, urge to use those scissors…. my Velvet doll’s hair didn’t survive either unfortunately. She had a little spiky stub where her long blonde tresses were meant to be.

  8. when i was maybe 5, i was jealous of a neighborhood chick’s long smooth shiny hair, asked if she wanted a haircut. she said yeah, i cut it off in big chunks. i was not allowed to hang out with anyone for a long time after.

  9. I did that to my sister!I was in trouble and my sister had to have a awfully short fringe cut, just in time for school photos too šŸ˜›

    but our Mum had said to go play hairdressers , and that’s what we did šŸ˜›

  10. Oh, I’ve done this too. My sister had many an awkwardly cut hair. I trimmed her bangs in such a way that it looked like her bangs were brushed to the side…they weren’t.

  11. aaah too cute Claire! IĀ¬Ā„m so happy you did Illustratin friday ^^ hehehe.- I made mine and posted at my LJ hehehe. hope you like it too ^^

  12. Your style and your ideas always make me smile. Great job. And wonderful story… I was someone’s “Dan”… my sister decided I’d look cute with a pixie cut – unfortunately, it turned into a bowl cut with a VERY small bowl. I hid under my bed for 4 hours!

  13. I just love it. That is one childhood micheif that I missed out on, I never cut my hair, or anyone elses. I have since made up for it though. šŸ˜‰

  14. Beautiful illustration, and what a funny story.

  15. This is great! I’ve been known to cut a few of my friends back when… so I think it’s a great reminder of me being 7 years old. Thank you šŸ™‚

  16. What a great story and a cute illustration. We used to play hair dresser too but never with scissors…

  17. I love the story and illustration, Claire. So cute!
    With no friends to play with (sniff!) as a 4-year-old I played hairdresser to myself. I remember calling out to Mum, and as she looked up I went SNIP! and suddenly my fringe was as short and nubbly as toothbrush bristles!

  18. Very cute! Even Dan looks pleased. My brother did the same to me, once. And I can sympothize with the lost graphic. I have had the same thing happen to me. now when I get more than 10 or so layers I start saving under different file names so I will at least have a previous version to go back to.

  19. says:

    one morning last week I was in that daze between being awake and asleep when all of a sudden I heard a large chop and move my head to find a huge clump of my hair on the pillow and my two year old stood beaming with a pair of scissors in her hands

  20. That’s so funny. I did something like that too. Except I cut my own hair at 3 yrs. of age right after I tried to make a pretty egraving on the top of my parents T.V.