velvet and seeds

I have decided to go for a last ditch effort to get a recycled monster finished by the weekend. Oh-yeah… we’ll see if I can actually manage to get it done, but I have been pulling apart an old pair of corduroy pants this afternoon and stitching bits together by hand. I have also metres and metres of beigey-pink velvet fabric which were curtains in the studio before we decided to lighten the room up. They are incredibly filthy so I put a bit through the machine and now it looks kind of crumpled but somehow kind of appealing. I can see a whole strew of monsters in different shapes and forms all made from this crushed velvet.

In the last week an old friend of mine has started looking after Amelia and another little friend two days a week here in our home. After some initial anxiety from Amelia (who, understandably, has been feeling the stress of so many recent changes and strange occurrences all around her) everything seems to be going very well. I even just witnessed her saying “I love you!” to her new caregiver. Phew! This is a new move in the “grow my business, 2005” strategy which I am excited about. It’s hard to feel completely comfortable splashing out on something like in-the-home childcare when the business is just a tiny, shabby freelance illustration business, but with the time to do some careful planning over the next few months (and a work table and some cupboards) I am hoping to be able to do so much more. Stay tuned!

PS. comments have been turned off for the time being due to spam commenting. They will be back up sometime this evening.

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