Chaos in the suburbs

I haven’t had much time for sitting at the computer this last week. Apart from still being extremely tired and run-down, there is also so much to be done. Most of our boxes are unpacked now but there’s chaos everywhere and it’s a slow process of getting everything sorted out. Unpacking stuff which has been in storage for two years is such a strange experience. Many of the things we kept and felt were important in 2003 go straight out into our overstuffed rubbish-bin or off to the op-shop. Why on earth did we need so many glasses? So many useless fry-pans? There have also some pleasant surprises – books I forgot I had, sewing notions and fabrics inherited from my grandma and stored away in a time when I wasn’t particularly interested in craft pursuits. I had a bizarre flash-back when I opened one of Amelia’s boxes full of baby clothes and toys and bits and pieces and the smell of baby was completely overwhelming.
A Month of Softies for April finishes up this weekend. The theme “Recycled Monster Action” has brought craftsters out of the wood-work and the submissions are already pouring in. I haven’t even started work on my submission for this month and may even have to sadly let it go. I don’t really have a surface to set up my machine on at the moment. I have all my fabrics (old clothes) gathered and an idea ready in mind so perhaps I will start and finish it off early next month anyway. Don’t let me dampen your spirits though!

I have signed up for Back-tack which should be a challenge and loads of fun. In the last few months I had that delivery of Amy Butler Fabric (ooh new site!), my Reprodepot stuff and also last week Christina and I got a bunch of stuff from Cotton Bow-wow so I have some good stuff to choose from. But can I bear to part with any of it??

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3 Responses

  1. what a stress moving is. have done it a couple of times with kids, and don’t think I will do it again for a long long time. good luck with getting it all organised, thats the good bit where you rediscover all your treasures. have signed up for back tack too which should be fun, and am in the process of doing my recycled monster now. stay tuned. and welcome back to blog world.

  2. Moving house is so crazy. I’m surrounded by boxes and random things are still scattered everywhere. How am I ever going to be ready for the removalists?! I throughly sympathise!

  3. I checked out the Cotton Bow-Wow site. Such cool fabrics…but how did you manage to understand how to order some?? I followed your link and also signed up for back-tack on the spur of the moment – also having a dilema about how to choose fabric!