We’re here – we’re in. I breath a sigh of relief. I have been quite ill with nasty gastro (I am sure the ambulance outside the house on our second morning must have thrilled our new neighbours) but am better now if not a little weak. The house is beautiful, messy and crazy all at once. I wish I could find the camera in one of these one thousand boxes to take a photo of our bedroom wall. The colour glows.
In far more exciting news – my dear friend Van has been nominated for a Palme d’Or for her short animation “Clara”. Hooray hooray! It’s a buzz to see her name on the same page as some of those people — she is excited needless to say and I am so happy for her. She sent me perhaps the best cancellation excuse ever “…So I’m going to Cannes – and it’s 11 – 22 May so I won’t be coming to Melbourne then after all…”. This time I will forgive her!

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25 Responses

  1. Nice to have ya back. We missed you over at Drawn! — and that “Clara” is very nice! Van has a great sensibility to her work. Nice nice nice.

  2. Such a stressful time – best wishes for a full recovery. Missed your blog posts.

  3. Oh my! I sure hope that you continue to feel better and that things will get settled in the house soon. It is always so much fun to decorate a new place though! 🙂

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    its great to have you back claire – we knew there were major house distractions under foot but would never have dreamt you were fighting off a lurgy as well!!!! im sure i say it for all… we missed your daily cheer!!!! WELCOME BACK

  5. I sympathise completely claire! I think that nasty bug has been visiting every state, my whole family has just recovered from it here in Adelaide. I think I lost 5 kilos…. Anyway it’s so good to have you back….

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    I’m glad to hear you are feeling better and are in your new house. i have missed reading your blog while you were otherwise engaged. I read back through some of your archives and discovered we have exactly the same birthday – same year and all!

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    Hey! welcome back, and I hope you are feeling better!I know I too,(as Bella so nicely said) missed your daily cheer!LisaC

  8. Hope you’re feeling better soon Claire! Welcome back!

  9. Congrats to Van! I love her stuff.

  10. Oh, that’s such bad luck. I hope you’re feeling better. Take care!

  11. I think I’ve gotten sick every time I’ve moved in recent years. It’s inherently stressful.
    I hope you’re feeling better soon. Sounds like you’re having fun putting the place together. We’re finally making some moves in that direction after a year and a half in our new place, and it feels wonderful.

  12. Oh you poor thing! But the relief of finally settling in must be great! I am v.envious!

  13. Feel better soon! I know, Gastro is not fun.

  14. I hope they were nice to you in emergency. I’m glad you’re on the mend.

  15. Greetings from Canada. I’ve been reading your blog for over a month or so which gave me the courage to start up my own. You’re a great writer and like the cheeriness of your drawings. You have great taste too. Loved your cats! Adorable!

  16. Curses! Why did you have to share that Kozyndan link? I had to splurge and buy the bunny blossoms poster too.

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    Oh, Sweet Jesus, thank you for mentioning Van Sowerwine. She is my new standard for stop motion work. I can’t grasp how gorgeous Clara is! Please give her my warmest congratulations!!

  18. I’m glad you’re feeling better. The timing couldn’t have been worse with just moving into a new house.
    I noticed you hadn’t written for several days and wondered what was up. Now the mystery has been solved.

  19. Congratulations on the new space! May you have many happy times there!
    😉 french toast girl

  20. Welcome Back Loobylu. Hope you are feeling better and ejoying the excitement of your very own place. With each move i always saved some boxes to “unpack on a rainy day”…at least they were still packed for the next move!

  21. I’m so happy you’re feeling better! I look forward to reading your entries and definately felt a void when they stopped for a little while. Your site inspired me to start my own…thank you for that!
    Continue to get better and good luck settling in to your new space.

  22. Sending cyber sympathy hugs from this fellow sicky in the northern hemisphere! Glad you’re in the new place, hope you’re up and decorating like mad asap. Cheers!

  23. Portugal is reading you….i’m reading your blog 😉

  24. I think this month must be one of those crazy moons that throws everything out of whack – I will be glad when April is over. I’m glad to read that you’re all moved in and feeling better. I’m sure the three of you will create many happy memories in your new home.

  25. Welcome back and I hope you continue to feel better. Being sick is very hard…esp. when there is so much happening.