This room was made for lounging

I have just written a long entry about a couch. It was an in depth analysis of our new lounge room and how a couch will fit into it. I got thoroughly absorbed while writing it only to get to the end and realise that no one is going to want to read that much about a couch. It’s just not that interesting – only to me who can’t think of anything else except how we are going to arrange the living room which looks like this:

Anyway, because I have this kind of stuff on my mind, here are some blogs that I frequent which are all about spaces and good stuff to put in them: Apartment Therapy, design*sponge, LJC FYI, Shoestring Decorator & MoCo Loco.

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11 Responses

  1. You know, Claire, you could be writing about slugs and dirt and I’d still be reading with glee. (Even more so if you illustrated it!)

  2. What Ward said.
    Breathtaking, mighty blogging empires are built entirely from musings about couches.

  3. hi clare!i work at bayswiss in the city and we have the most beautiful couches in case you’re looking! we are in melbourne central so you can make a day of shopping in the city if you like! we also have a deli & great coffee!
    (can you tell i love my job?)

  4. Hi there Bella,Don’t forget, you have an Interior Decorator on call* Drop me an email if you get stuck on any of the boring stuff 🙂
    SOOOOOOO exciting to have your new space**
    CONGRATULATIONS*P.S. I would LOVE to hear about your new couch if you still have that writing**
    norbu (Sharon)

  5. says:

    i know how you feel. i can stare at a floorplan for hours and daydream about the myriad of ways to arrange the furniture! i am envious and excited for you and your new space 🙂 have fun!

  6. And lo, upon contemplation of the the floorplan, it would appear that there really is no good place — for a couch.

  7. says:

    when we bought our house recently, we also struggled with where to put the furniture into an awkward (but beautiful) lounge. Then my girlfriend’s mother came to stay. She measured the whole of the new house, and every single piece of furniture we own. Then, using graph paper that i still had lying around from high school she carefully drew the house and all the furniture to scale, cut out the furniture and glued it to cardboard, and lo! endless fun arranging and rearranging the house plan ensued. It worked too – we have the couch where we thought we would according to the scale model and it looks fabulous!

  8. We have the same problem at our place – an L-shaped living area which included sliding doors and the major passageway. We ended up deciding the back of the couch (we have 2) could be used as a room divider, so we plonked the couch in the middle of the room. Perfect solution and it means we don’t have to walk an obstacle course of furniture to use the passageway and get out the back sliding door! We use one wall for the TV cabinet, and the other for the second sofa. Mind you, it took us 6 years to work this plan out!

  9. Put it in the middle! I’ve been pondering the exact same question with our new living-room-to-be, along with all the other furniture and colour scheme issues. I’d love to hear about your couch musings!

  10. Wow! you like Donna Tart too!! ^^ Have you read her first book – The Secret History? Wonderful too!! =)

    Would you be interested in colaberating on making a softie for Princess Emma’s birthday? (September 15). I would want to pay you for your wonderful efforts, of course. That would be so cool for her! 🙂 Let me know…

  11. says:

    I’m curious … why would you want to walk through the lounge to get to the dining area from the kitchen? Are those two walls I see indicated on the floor plan weight bearing walls? If not, could they be removed and the two rooms opened into one which can then be subdivided by furniture placement, meaning dining area closer to kitchen?