New house, day one

Here is our new house. The house of many decks. And remember how I told you that we have a spa and that it is really ugly and that it has to go?

Now you can see what I was talking about

And finally; We have a beast in residence.

The Supermatic! Too tired and covered in grime. Will try and write more tomorrow.

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72 Responses

  1. good luck in your new home, it takes a while to get everything sorted, with your good taste in decor its bound to look beautiful in the end

  2. says:

    if this isn’t a loobylu house, then i dont know what is.

  3. So nice! Good luck with the new house, and all the cleaning and painting. Definitely must remove the old “spa”.

  4. What a beautiful home!!! You must be so excited!

  5. hooray! this is the cutest house ever. i can’t wait to see what you do with it and how it lights up with you and your little family living inside of it. congratulations!!

  6. says:

    Just dreaming of wisteria and honeysuckle all over the trellis, and somehow, the idea of lots of potted plants on decks seems like more fun and more approachable and re-arrangeable and easier than just a flat yard.
    Nice, nice, nice.

    And I side with the spa-likers. Potted plants, a few cushions… heaven. Though I’m sure I wouldn’t want to deal with the cleaning and the pH and the whatnot, there are not a lot of better ways to beat winter blues than to sit outdoors in a hot tub on a cold night.

  7. ooh! spa place looks really old school. πŸ™‚

  8. says:

    The house is a great colour, lovely and bright, but yeah …. that spa… I bet it’s seen many an interesting night in it’s time !! And I’d be itching to cook a Jamie Oliver type roast in the supermatic! All the best for your new home, there is nothing better than your own home.

  9. enjoy your new home! love the Supermatic!

  10. It looks great! Nice to see a weatherboard again! I’m green with envy about the supermatic, the spa, well, I’m with you on that one!

  11. It is a lovely house -can’t wait to see more of it. The supermatic is so big for those 4 burners!And apparently the previous owners also owned a lumber mill.
    Big P will have fun tearing down the spa – er, area…
    welcome home!

  12. says:

    So many memories! I grew up with that oven. It still lives with my parents in fact! Over the years it has faithfully served two families of six. I wish you many years of cooking joy…

  13. oooh How exciting! we will be buying a new home very soon too. Love the colour of your house. ^^

  14. It’s a beautiful place, Claire. Best of luck and congrats!

  15. Ooh, exciting times! And I love the old school appliance names. Supermatic is very Wallace & Gromit sounding (and I’ve a friend whose furnace is an “Indestructo” – too bad it died and had to be repaired, right in the middle of a cold snap).

  16. You have a beautiful house. I hope youΒ₯re happy in there!!! Congratulations!

  17. How exciting! Congrats on your new home. I hope it’s filled with much joy and happy memories in the coming future!

  18. says:

    it’s such an adorable house! i love it very much… minus the spa.

  19. Claire, many, many, many congrats! I am so excited for you and can’t wait to see what you do with the place!

  20. says:

    Love the house of decks!

  21. says:

    Yippppeeeee on the new house! I like the colour but yes, that spa…. gotta go. We’ve been very fortunate with our new house in that there’s nothing that has to be removed… except some rather nasty wall paper. Enjoy!

  22. Congratulations on your new home! You guys must be so thrilled. Enjoy it πŸ™‚

  23. Wow that looks like a gorgeous house. Why do house’s in other countries always look so much nicer than the ones here?Good luck with the unpacking. We bought our first house six months ago and we’re still finding homes for things.

  24. Actually, I think that spa could potentially be really great. Just needs some staining and/or painting and a pretty striped canopy overhead.

  25. Congratulations on your new home!!! that Supermatic rocks… I love it! πŸ™‚

  26. says:

    Australian houses, at least the few pictures of Australian houses I’ve seen, are so utterly charming.
    I would love to see more photos of your new home.

  27. Congratulations Clair, I’m so envious of the fact that you ‘have’ to stuff to your house.Our apartment was standard renovated white when we moved in and that’s how it’s stayed because I can’t decide on colours!

  28. Hi Claire,This is coming at u from the apple store–I’m taking a break from shopping to check up on my bloggy buddies! Hey, that house of yours looks really cute–and as for the spa–I see it covered in many plants and with a hanging tiki bar and well…I come from the land of spas so I see potential!
    Have fun with it!

  29. Love the stove, so very retro.

  30. Wow! It’s wonderful! (I’d keep the spa…a spa dip sounds wonderful to me). πŸ™‚ Congratulations, Claire!

  31. Oh Claire! It is so nice! The spa is funny. We had to rip off a lot of that diagonal lumber junk out of some insets on the front of our house. Yuck.
    I love the pergola over the deck … and the colors.

    Well, you definitely have a lovely, non-“ticky tacky” ( house. A beautiful house with lots of character. Congratulations on your new home!

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  33. Over here we are meme-ing our kitchen sinks — good and bad. A good opportunity for you to show us yours!

  34. Oh, but think of the happening jacuzzi parties you could have! Heehee. The house is lovely.
    Thank you for linking to me, Claire. You are very kind.

  35. Yeah I think that spa could be a real gem with some staining, little white lights and lanterns… I would love to have that at my house πŸ˜‰
    I love the house it’s just charming! Congrats!

  36. I love the “pieces” to the house in the first picture. Very much reminds me of your Website and artwork.
    Never posted here before, just wanted to say how much I love your art and the sewing stuff you’ve been making.

    I’m a pal of Daniel and Jez at SegPub. Hello!

  37. That is the cutest house I have ever seen! Congratulations!

  38. says:

    Wow — they really got creative with all those decks! Congrats on your new home!

  39. Congratulations! Cute, cute, cute house…but, um, (I like the stove).

  40. Hiya Claire,
    I think the spa could be awesome if you added some giant outdoors-safe cushions in a Nicola Cerini-type print (go Print Gocco, go!) around the edges. Pot plants and staining wouldn’t hurt, either, and I like the previous fairy-light suggestion. Just look at the potential!

    BTW, I’ve gotten 1,061 hits from your site since you linked to me last week. I can’t imagine how many you get on your own!

  41. Love the new house! But no – perhaps not the spa! Supermatic beast looks interesting!

  42. I love that house – it reminds me of summers in Florida when I was little! (25-30 years ago…)

  43. House looks lovely.I personally love the spa, but can understand why you might not.

  44. Oh….it’s a spa, I thought it was a well.

  45. says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Awesome house. The spa may be ugly but I’ll bet it feels wonderful after a day of moving/cleaning/unpacking. Enjoy it! πŸ™‚

  46. such a sweet house.. I can imagine you there and making it your own. good luck to you and your family.. Amelia’s gonna be an expert step navigator *G*

  47. The spa is actually a Hot Tub.(Much Better!)We had one on the deck at our house in the Dandenongs (Tecoma) years ago and we had so much fun in it.
    I would love to have it still. (BTW are you thinking of selling it?)
    Agree about the tarting the timber up a bit. You are so creative it could be a star background – and add a few large decorative pots, plants and cushions etc

  48. That is one mamma of an oven! I have never seen a Supermatic before. What are the two separate sides for? Are they both ovens? It looks as though your new house has a lot of character. Good luck and happy decorating.

  49. congratulations, how very exciting!

  50. I will be reading what happens with your beautiful and exciting new house with much interest! Would you consider turning the spa into a sandpit or a fish pond, something Amelia-safe obviously, the decking around it just seems so cool from the picture, oh, and I love the idea of lanterns and fairy lights! What great fun you have ahead of you! Good luck.

  51. says:

    Hi, Congratulations on the new house.It will be so exciting making it into a home. As for the spa – have an 80’s/playboy mansion style party then send it on it’s way to spa heaven – viking style. Should be fun !

  52. amy in az most houses in oz are hideous brick veneers.This at least has some character! congrats!

  53. What a wonderful house this is, I wished the houses around here would look like that!
    It looks like a real “Pippi Longstocking” house, but it’s a truly Loobylu-house for sure!

    I hope you have lot’s of happiness and good luck in this hous

  54. I love the colors of the house. And you could keep the spa and paint it the same shade of green as the house OR turn it into a garden area!
    Congratulations on being a homeowner.

  55. Happy Birthday, Claire! If you post, I’ll probably comment again, but I just wanted to wish you a great one. (my birthday’s today, too, which is why I remembered πŸ™‚
    Have fun today!

  56. With the hot tub covered up and some sprucing up – that spa would make the best play stage for kids ever! Even as a hot tub (which I’m not big on) I think it has potential. Looks like it was made well at least.
    Your house is too cute – look like it should be by the ocean someplace warm. =)

  57. I’m waiting excitedly for pictures of what you’ll be doing to this place! And the Supermatic? Two ovens? I’m so envious…. and good luck with the cleaning πŸ™‚

  58. says:

    Congratulations guys, that is so exciting. Best of luck with it. Hope it brings you many hours of joy and happiness.

  59. Wow Claire how lovely – my bro has just bought his first home (a cute weatherboard cottage too) and is madly reno-ing. He’s having heaps of fun putting his stamp on it, and I hope it all goes well for you too!

  60. WoW!, what a beautiful house! You must be so thrilled. πŸ™‚

  61. OMG! I LOVE your house!! The trellis is great and the color scheme is way-cool! My mom has a trellis with grape vines growing all over it. Lovely.

  62. OMG..I lived in a rental house in Glenhuntly for about 10 years…and it had an oven just like that. Oh the memories. It was a beast, but she and I could make the best sponge cakes in the world! Luckily a 90yr old woman owned and lived in the house prior to our renting it, and the oven was sparkling like new when we moved in.

  63. When too many decks are barely enough!

  64. Congrats on the new house Claire! We just bought our first home today and it’s so nerve-racking/exciting/crazy mortgage omg! But we love our house and know it’ll all be okay, and I’m sure it’ll be great for you too. πŸ™‚

  65. Delurking to say that your house is DEAR, and it suits you so well – the colors, the fun design, everything (okay, except the spa)! Enjoy!

  66. How did you find a house as cute as you? You never cease to amaze me.

  67. says:

    Congratulations on the house, we acquired a jacuzzi with our first house too, and we never use it. How do I buy a pear?

  68. Lovely house. You must be very excited!.. and busy! I’d say don’t demolish the spa area entirely. I’d kill for a hot tub myself. Happy decorating.

  69. says:

    Home..hum..sweet home…enjoy your house. The spa?, think of remodeling…paint it, or add some other deco elements. You are very creative…make a wish! That will help to make something out of it πŸ˜€ *~*Congratulations!

  70. says:

    yep…awesome looking wait to see more pictures.I can see a bottle of champagne and a dip in the spa after Amelia goes to bed….maybe???