Giant Paper Dolls

I still haven’t started my Month of Softie’s doll for February! I am stalling and stalling and making gingerbread and pear pin cushions while the days tick by. I have all the fabric and a solid plan in my head so all it needs is some dedicated work time.

This week I am going in to see the Akira Isogawa collection and exhibition at the NGV which is sure to make me come home and have dreams about being a fashion designer. He does such lovely stuff – and I am looking forward to seeing how he has been inspired by vintage paper dolls in this collection – for instance how this inspired this. Here are a couple of articles from the Age…(1, 2) I think it sounds amazing.

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11 Responses

  1. That illo of the little girl is so cute!

  2. says:

    i wonder if we’ll see any american mcgee alices this month!

  3. Lucky you! It will be interesting to see if Akira has a model come out with pounds and pounds of beadwork draped about her. I am wondering if this will set off a trend of the flapper girl fashions again.

  4. says:

    hey, I’m going to see the Isogawa show this week too. I’m been dressmaking this month so I hope it will be the sort of thing that encourages ideas, not makes one feel hopelessly amateur! Ron Mueck’s Pregant Woman sculpture is at the NGV currently also – two amazingly different takes on the human figure.

  5. I took 4 y.o. daughter with me to see it and it was lovely for her to see the giant paper dolls and the real dresses besides them…are you taking your little girl?

  6. Hi Claire,
    I saw that exhibition just after Christmas. the origami garment (and the mock ups for the garment) were lovely.

    I found the big dolls a bit creepy.

    Claire (in Traralgon)

  7. I used to have such a big thing for paper dolls when I was little. I still have all of them stored away in my hope chest – waaay back in the storage locker.
    – along and my Shirley Temple books.

  8. says:

    I love Akira. I can’t possibly afford most of his stuff, but whenever he has a warehouse sale I go with my best friend and usually walk out with three or four fabulous, wonderful things. And he himself is a delight! Do let us know how the exhibition is, as I’ve been thinking of going …

  9. Hi. I’m not familiar with Akira, but by chance noticed that Australia Post released a stamp set today which features Australian fashion designers, including Akira.

  10. says:

    Please post a little photo of the pincushions. They sound so cute!

  11. Now you’ve said paper doll I’ve been making them all day!