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Today was flat-chat with play dates. A playcentre was loads of fun this morning until the big rough boys (who were surely over five) moved in and wrestled their way around the room, and then this afternoon was an adventure in the good and bad things about pet dogs at a friend’s place. Firstly there was a friendly cute little dog who wanted to play but then who started barking NON stop and then ate sand out of the sandpit and vomited, ate it (which fascinated the girls who could not be dragged away) and then pooped right at the bottom of the slippery-dip steps so both little girls trod in it and then slid through it down the slide. After such a wild and crazy day, Amelia did her tired sobbing thing all through dinner and all the way up until bedtime, but somehow all of this didn’t make me quite so desperate as it usually does. Perhaps getting to bed before 11 the night before is the key.
I am still fantasising about quilts, still sewing cat dresses, planning fabric forays into the suburbs and booking up all my non-work days so that we don’t have a lot of time to sit around feeling bored and restless.

A couple of things from yesterday’s quilting comments (thanks for all the tips!): Betty asked if I could list the shops which ship fabric internationally – apart from the ones recommended in yesterday’s comments, I have been following the links on Amy Butler’s Retailer Resource page. (A note though, Reprodepot Fabrics actually do now ship internationally too). Dallas asked me what are some of the blogs that have inspired my quilting thing — It was Hilary’s gorgeous Racetrack quilt that tipped me over yesterday but also Brandy’s prolificacy and fun style that has made me start to relax about the whole mystery of quilting. Of course I can’t stop here without mentioning the amazing work that Denyse Schmidt does which makes me melt – this is one of my favourite quilts ever. I have also been recently inspired by these two quilts (1 and 2) in Amy Butler fabrics but I am not sure I want to make anything quite this intensely busy, as beautiful as they are. Also, thank you to Bella who recommended this site. While the colours used are not necessarily my thing, I love some of the haphazard shapes in the patterns. This pattern is fun, and I do have a thing for houses – but then I really do love the traditional quilts too. In the most recent Inside Out magazine (March/April 2005) I found a very simple quilt that really appeals to me.

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  1. Thank you for the quilting links. I love Denyse’s quilt’s! If I am not mistaken I think she was on Martha years ago and I thought what an amazing job that would be. It looks like my to do list is now even longer!

  2. That is one of the traditional star ones I really love and use a lot. Also – its quite interesting to note – I have a book of Amish Quilting – and indeed it is just that – the quilting patterns and stitches. On the other hand, I also have one that is Amish pieced quilts that is what we usually refer to as the ‘quilt patterns’. Its often the case that some people love to piece the tops – some prefer to actually quilt the patterns. I love both.

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    I am so in love with your blog! I have resisted the urge to gush all over it before! I love to quilt too, and am very partial to trip around the world quilts. I would like to recommend the Quilt in a day series of books, by Eleanor Burns, not so much for her style but for the quick make up of the quilts, I have learned a lot from her books and have adapted the methods to other things when I making many of one items(like doll clothes) or even just to think of making clothes in a more efficient manor.

  4. Jan Mullen’s patterns are so much fun to make. I can’t imagine stalling out on one of them!!I’ve made several and posted a pic of my Daisiez several days ago.

  5. Have you seen this free pattern that uses Amy Butler fabric? I think its gorgeous…

  6. You are right, that last pic is the best one. Or maybe it’s just that grown up looking Amelia reading her book that has me intrigued, or the big cozy sofa or that dining room…

  7. Thank you for the list of sites. I really like the Free Spirit one. Some of the other sites I’ve found are Running Stitch (, Hip to Piece Squares (, and Be*mused (

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    Not sure if this already posted as my computer started debugging on me – but these are very cool and simple quilts – I also love Denyse Schmidt and can’t wait for her new book this summer!

  9. I am in love with crazy quilts at the moment! I think that may be why I chose black velveteen for my last softie. I love the haphazard expressive quality of the old ones, with the inclusion of random silks and over-stitched embroidery. I love the graphic ones, but not the fussy frilly ones. Thanks for fueling this fascination, and rpoviding such excellent links and resources, Claire!!!

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    Oh great! Jan Mullen’s website. I just saw her on Alex Anderson’s “Simply Quilts” yesterday and meant to look for her site. I love her designs – especially the cats. Thanks for posting that.

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    Claire,Can I just say that you are a real inspriation – when I am sitting about on my lazy butt, I read about your crafting and work and think “Gah!” Married, with a lovely daughter, eminent move to a house, etc. and STILL able to find hours in the day to do your work from illo to quilting to cat dresses. Amazing! It really inspries me to not sit around staring into the computer but get working on all the numerous half-done projects I have laying around.

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    I love that quilt from Inside/Out too. As someone else mentioned, the star pattern is an Amish one. I have a book of Amish Quilt patterns, which I will truly never have time to use, so I could send it to you if you like (I’m in Sydney, so not hard)? You would be most welcome to it.

  13. i’ve been envying you your proximity to , claire. there is a picture of a simple but wonderfully colorful irish chain (?)quilt on a white background on their “about” page which has been on my mind for about 2 years! i love the clear colors they use there rather than the more muted traditional colors you find alot.

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    material girls quilts in tulsa, OK carries the amy butler line and ships internationally.
    love your blog.

  15. Good to see someone else has caught the quilting disease! I can highly recommend Marcia Hohn’s Quilters’ Cache – . The star quilt in Inside Out is a simple star, with cornerstone sashing, and is a great quilt to do for a beginner. I can’t recommend enough though the classes at the local patchwork shops. Find a class which suits you – I recommend a specific quilt class (like “make a railfence quilt” or “machine quilting for beginners”) rather than “beginner sampler quilt”. (Samplers aren’t for everyone, but it does teach you all the basics).
    Oh! A great pattern for the Amy Butler type fabrics is a bordered square block quilt – similar to the one I made here – HAVE FUN!! I know you will – it is such an addictive art.

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    Thanks for all the quilting links. Very interesting and fun stuff. I believe the name of that pattern that you like is called “ohio Star”. I have made a few quilts using that block and it is easy and very satisfying to put together. Hope this helps you to find a pattern.

  17. Actually, I made a baby quilt with that shape. It’s a Sawtooth Star and you can get the piecing instructions here:

  18. I loved lisa wilkinson’s home!’it was so cottagey and edwardian!

  19. Ok, I’m going to be the odd one out with this, a non-quilting comment…I think you’re right about the sleep. I can handle just about anything as long as I’ve gotten plenty of sleep!

  20. the star quilt is beautiful – also a huge sucker for the simple quilt on the cover of vintage fabric style: