Schmancy is a gallery and store in Seattle that sells quirky toys, collectibles, and original art work. In August they are having an exhibition of soft toys from toy artists around the world:
“SCHMANCY would like to invite you to participate in PLUSH YOU!

PLUSH YOU! Will showcase stuffed creations from artists around the world. Our opening reception will be held on August 12th at Schmancy in Seattle. For one month we will have your creations on display and will sell them either at the store or on our online website…

…We will list all those participate in the show on our website and we will also try our hardest to get press for the show. When they sell we will give you 60% of the retail price! So this is a great way to promote your work, make some money, promote Schmancy, and to be as creative as you would like to be. What more could you ask for?”

So email kristen to receive a submission form to be returned to her by February 15th.

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8 Responses

  1. WHAT!!! I live in Seattle, that is too cool. I assume you’ll be participating?

  2. Thanks Claire for the link! I am writing to them right now. By the way, I love your month of softies idea and your kitties look great. Lizette

  3. How funny. I live in Seattle but hadn’t heard about this store until I saw it on your blog.

  4. I have not been too good at advertising for the show in Seattle. I have just been asking individual artists but thanks to claire- well now it’s gone from a small, intimate affair, to a big ass party of stuffed greatness. If you live in Seattle- please stop by and introduce yourself!

  5. says:

    I work right down the way from Schmancy! Oh, how I love 2nd Avenue. I will be sure to check out the show.

  6. says:

    awww…all these lovely people living in Seattle. My wife will be doing a few plush toys for the Schmancy show….we’d love to meet fellow crafters here. 🙂

  7. and don’t you just love the woman that owns the shop Kristen Lound?

  8. says:

    maybe… Kristen Rask