This morning Mum took Amelia off to the toy shop to buy her a rolling pin for her playdough, a bike pump to pump up a ball she got for christmas and a cricket bat (or as she calls it, a kick-it bat) and ball. She has been watching a fair bit of cricket with my dad on the TV. She sits up on the couch beside him munching on her apple slices shouting “GOOD SHOT!” when he does and even when he doesn’t. We walked to the playground on the weekend past a couple of local cricket games and had to hurry her along as she wanted to stand and watch and shout “GOOD SHOT!” even when absolutely nothing was happening (which seems to be most of the time in cricket in my opinion) which was startling for both players and spectators.
So she got a little yellow wooden bat and a soft plastic ball and was out in the garden running around soon after with great enthusiasm with team-mates Nan-nan and Pappous bowling to her or attempting to hit her wildly thrown balls. There was much applauding and cheering going on and at one point I even heard her shout (gawd help us) “I’m WARNIE!”. I went out for a peek and was amazed to see her looking quite the professional, striking a relatively correct stance (wiggling her nappy clad bum) as she waited for the ball… but not always – I was a little worried about Pappous’s nether regions as she seemed particularly keen on running right up to him and wopping the ball before it had left his hands. However, the only real casualty of the morning was one of my prized garden worms who, it was discovered, did not take well to being bowled.

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20 Responses

  1. thanks for the morning chuckle, she sounds like a character!

  2. lmao that’s the cutest thing! I’m with you on cricket though, not a lot seems to happen

  3. Hilarious. I’m American so I just substitute baseball when you say cricket. And yes, it’s dull.

  4. Oh no! The poor worm! I hope the Superglu is close by.Cricket with Amelia sounds like a ball! 😉

  5. I find cricket is good to have on and listen to when I’m doing other things. And when someone gets out we both holler “HOWZAT!! HE’S OUT!!! PISS OFF!!!” (I think this might be from a 12th Man CD).
    Oh yeah, poor worm! Rubber cement him back together and keep him off the wicket!

  6. Oh that is really adorable. What a cute little one she is!

  7. Praise to the person who gave a cricket bat n’ ball to Amelia, ignoring any preconceived gender ideas about what kind of play a little girl should engage in. Sounds like she’s having lots of fun, and that’s what matters!
    Your garden worm is charming. I’m sure you’ll be able to patch her up with some super glue.

  8. Ouch, right in the garden worm. And nobody should want to be Warnie!

  9. Hi Loobylu
    I¥m staring att all your fantastic pieces of artwork… I¥m stunned! Thank you for letting me have a peek of the wonderful Loobylu world!

    thanks/ LISA & RUT KRUT

  10. Hi Loobylu
    I¥m staring att all your fantastic pieces of artwork… I¥m stunned! Thank you for letting me have a peek of the wonderful Loobylu world!

    thanks/ LISA & RUT KRUT

  11. A cricket tragic already – that’s hilarious! Reminds me of when my two-year-old daughter used to sit and watch the rugby, screaming ‘go you wobblies’.

  12. says:

    “Prized garden worm” ????!!! They were a joke! SO cute on the cricket front.

  13. Very cute! Here’s hoping her Warnie obsession subsides before she learns how to send text messages 🙂

  14. says:

    Oh my, I laughed out loud with this entry Claire, thank you! My dear daughter is 2 1/2 and this scenario resembles a back yard morning this summer with my Irish born soccer mad father (now in PEI Canada with us). Something priceless seeing an enthusiastic 70 year old instructing a toddler how to receive a “header” to score on goal. I played soccer with dad as coach into my late teens and it has provided some of the best memories — Long live sports for girls!

  15. that as she says it to the players it seems that she’s being sarcastic.Those little bats are so cute..first saw one a couple of years ago at a family picnic.
    Our 2 yr. old niece, who was using it, knew more about the rules than me, fresh from the U.S. I kept dropping the bat to run!

  16. Hehehe…that’s a bit of a sticky wicket your worm has gotten her/himself into! ;o)

  17. Claire, that story is too precious! So good that you have all these wonderful moments chronicled here on your journal. It’s so fun for all of us to read as well.
    And you might just have a little prodigy on your hands!

  18. Soy wants to adopt Amelia. Our children are just not cricket obsessed enough for him. He is keen to raise a left-arm fast bowler. We appear to have two resoundingly right handed children neither of whom has ever uttered the fateful words “I’m Warnie”.

  19. says:

    ditto, thanks for the morning huh, they do the sweetest things!

  20. hehe. Michael will be the happiest dad on the block when Georgia can watch the cricket with him. So cute!