Presents – check, shoes – check, applique – check

I think I may have finished all my Christmas shopping — I am quite impressed that I didn’t do my usual last minute panicked dash out to Chadstone to join the jostling hordes to find totally inappropriate presents for unsuspecting family members. I managed to avoid altogether the tire-kicking crowds that bring out unexpected and quite scary misanthropic feelings. There is still a bunch of baking to be done (any one have a good shortbread recipe?) but otherwise I am all set to go – mostly thanks to the awesome powers of Lotta Jansdotter – whose stationary will suit young and old and is very cool and classy and not too expensive.
Now it’s time to kick back and cut out some paper snowflakes – and enjoy yet another incongruous decoration for a Southern Hemisphere Christmas.

I also went out today and bought shoes. Carrie Bradshaw I am not – I hate buying shoes. I have troublesome feet so the selection of shoes to choose from is pretty limited and mostly designed for old ladies who also have troublesome feet. Luckily there is always something decent from Kumfs but I will have to plod around feeling none-to-glamorous.

I have finished working on the hard stuff (which is the applique) for my contribution to December’s Month of Softies, now it’s just a case of sewing it all up and lining it. It is indeed Amelia’s christmas stocking. I am being extremely sentimental by using bits and pieces of fabric and thread and buttons that mostly mean something. A button from a cardigan from when I was small… some of the previously mentioned thread from great great grandmother’s stash… some gingham from one of Amelia’s old baby wraps and so on.

Meanwhile Eleanor is going bananas on ebay – which is great as it is all going to UNICEF.

Speaking of UNICEF, Amelia, Big-P and I are enjoying UNICEF’s Advent Calendar this year with illustrations by one of my favourites Elisa Kleven. Amelia springs about each morning until we get it down for her so she can open the next window. I used to love Advent calendars when I was little – such a simple delight.

Speaking of delight — Christina has posted photos of the amazing “Dicken’s World” that she and Paul put up every Christmas. I am in awe. Big-P just stopped by my computer to check it out and we have decided we will have to make one next year! Ha! We’ll see. 😀

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  1. Dear Claire,We too have the UNICEF advent calendar and love it! I get it each year but this is the first year Zac has been interested in the pictures behind the windows. Hooray!
    I am chuffed that you named your last month of Softies contribution after my beautiful daughter (a coincidence, I know). I have ideas and I am part-way through making my “hang up” – just hope I have time to finish it before the year ends (and the tree gets packed away!)

  2. says:

    check out this site for a shortbread recipe:

  3. The Lotta Jansdotter items are gorgoeus, they’ll make great Christmas presents. I too am feeling rather accomplished and organised this Christmas, having just sent of an enormous parcel of knitted woolies to Australia. Just what they’ll be wanting around the BBQ in Elsternwick I imagine!

  4. I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet, and am not looking forward to it. I think everyone will be getting books this year – everything done in one easy hit. I don’t blame you for avoiding Chadstone. That place can be hell at this time of year, and that’s just the carpark.

  5. says:

    From Not Martha a link to authentic scottish shortbread made with rice flour —

    but otherwise I stick to

  6. speaking of Eleanor.. check out all these accessorized elephants!

  7. If you like it really Scottish (the shortbread) use ground rice rather than rice flour. My favourite recipe is: 250g butter, 100g caster sugar, 275g flour, 100g ground rice. Cream butter and sugar, add flour and rice, etc. Best cooked on a really low oven (140-150).And well done on the Xmas shopping!

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    I love Lotta! She is SOOOO big here in Japan. She has special books out in Japanese about “Lotta’s Lifestyle” and “Lotta’s Travel Style”, reproductions of her sketchbooks, interviews in magazines, photo spreads of her hip apartment in San Francisco…I’ve bought them all. 🙂

  9. Wow! that sounds so cool Jennifer. Can I please live in Japan when I grow up???

  10. How do you know all these amazing people/websites/stuff? Thank you for opening my eyes up to all sorts of possibilities this year. You have been an inspiration – and festive greetings to you and your family. I look forward to your offerings in 2005!

  11. I just finished baking lots of gingerbread instead of shortbread this year. I found this great white icing for the snowmen and stars that I made. I will be posting on my site on it tonight if you are interested in the outcome – it was extremely easy and I am very happy with the final product.

  12. says:

    hi claire,have you tried birkenstocks. a work colleague was so depressed about having to get orthotics until i suggested she consider birks. they’ve got normal shoes with removable cork insoles

  13. Shortbread eh? Never done that. This year am baking Lebkuchen. Will try shortbread too.

  14. says:

    Hi Claire,Off topic – but I bought a street magazine today and I thought of you. It is a great project. And I was gald to give the seller her 2.00 – she told me it was a good book I was buying.

  15. yay for this – i have been hoping i would come across rice flour shortbread recipe’s!!!
    and ye claire, how do you keep your finger on the pulse – amazing girl!!

    happy christmas