Another wasted Saturday filled with miserable house huntingness and nothing to show for it except a huge book full of print outs of houses and floor plans and notes scribbled across them that read “bad feeling”, “neighbours look extremely dodgy”, “sold” and “this place should be bulldozed”. Ugh ugh ugh.
I should be sewing my elephant (who is looking very alarming) but I am more inclined to crawl into bed and hide.

There was a great hail storm in Box Hill today, and steam rose eerily from the road surface in Forest Hill – but these sure signs from the gods seemed to mean nothing at all. My new arch supports do not fit and cause great discomfort. That seems to be much more meaningful.

Enough of this. Here are some pleasant distractions:

Snowflakes by Children’s book illustrators for charity auction.
My favourites are definitely Sophie Blackall’s and Jaime Zollars’ (via indie shopper)

Also, some inspiring paper lampshades which can be found here — whimsical scenes made of simple shapes. I have filed these in my “to do one day” folder.

Now I am off to sulk.

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  1. says:

    The following sounds totally hokey, but I think it’s really true.I think that visualizing what you really want will help. Think of all the things you want the house to be, and all the things that you don’t want it to be and get really clear and focused about it. You may STILL have to look at 100 houses, but if you keep your eye on the prize, it’s easier to let go of the losers and keep thinking about the one you will get. With all my endeavors, I’ve found that once I really know what my criteria are and I have confidence that it’s realistic, it happens, BANG!

    Good Luck!

  2. says:

    I was thinking of you house hunting yesterday and wondering how it was going… least you are keeping notes, thats nice and organised of you.You are both Brave Souls.

  3. Claire…I just know that one of these days you will find the cutest of cute houses and move in and live happily ever after. Envision that and it will come sooner than you can imagine…

  4. good luck house huntingas they say here in spanish, todo llega (everything arrives)
    and lo and behold you will find the right place to call home

  5. I empathise with you – almost a year ago today we found our house. I wonder how we ever agreed on this house my husband and I have such different approaches to finding a house – but it happened and we are here and we both love it and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I guess this is meant to be encouragement – because nothing worthwhile ever comes from very little effort. I can see your putting in maximum effort so I am sure that it will happen for you too. One of things I have always wondered how to do -is how do we learn to embrace the things we like least to do – like the house hunting. Maybe we say – well at least we are in the market with a chance instead of being in the position of not ever being able to buy.

  6. well said lushlife
    – and claire, i’m actually working on an elephant too, but i worry that it will fail miserably…

    so don’t tell anyone.

  7. they say that you should/could look at over 100 houses before you find the “right one”. i think i looked at at least 40 before i found our will find the right one, and you’ll know it when you do!! don’t give up hope 🙂

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    This evil Melbourne weather is bound to bring anybody down. The sun will be shining soon. I have been meaning to post a comment letting you know how much I am loving your illustrations in The Big Issue magazine, accompanying the ‘Diary of a New Mum’ series. Just gorgeous, and the breast-pump pic made me laugh out loud with recognition!

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    My friends and family are loving the cards! I have used them as invitiations for my christmas party too. Everyone tells me they are beautiful/sweet/charming/lovely/cool etc.

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    Sorry to hear your house hunting efforts haven’t been as succesful as you’d like. Just remember though, there is no such thing as the “perfect house”. There’ll always be something you’d like to change after having lived in it for a while and getting the feeling for it. I’m sure you will find something that you love eventually though. It just takes a little time and effort …remember you have to see the bad before you can appreciate the good.

  11. Thanks for sharing your down-in-the-dumps feelings. I think all the comments before this one are wonderful and hope that they make you feel a bit better.Thanks also for posting the lovely distractions..those snowflakes are really cool and I’ve been wanting to make lampshades..perfect timing!
    Sending thoughts of warmth and beautiful houses your way!

  12. House hunting is one of those things that turns from fun to depressing very quickly. At least house prices seem to be stablising, if not coming down, so that is a bonus.
    Good luck.

  13. Nothing can compare to the unutterable miserableness of househunting. Sulking is completely justified after having been subjected to it!

  14. Chin up Claire! I remember looking at one house with my husband and I burst into tears!
    On the other hand, I am loving the snowflakes and the whole idea behind it. Thanks for the link. It is inspiring me. My favs-Kinuko Craft and David Shannon.

  15. says:

    I’m so sorry that you had a blue weekend. Especially since your lovely elephant project has brought my daughter and I so much fun – we made roller skates and a party hat for our elephants this weekend, an elephant can’t have too many accessories! Take care!

  16. DOn’t worry – you will find a dream house and all this hard work hunting will have paid off!

  17. says:

    The bear shape on one of the lampshades looks like it was snagged from Yuka Maeda.

  18. The cards are gorgeous, I hope you keep making them every year. Good luck with the house hunting.