Fabric frenzy

Life has been a bit crazy around here. House hunting and packing orders has left me feeling a little sapped of energy.
Thank you so much to everyone who bought cards. I greatly appreciate your support. There are still plenty left to buy if you are feeling tempted (thanks to a large, enthusiastic print run this year) but the good news is that Oxfam Community Aid Abroad will be getting a decent donation and there will be a bit more to put into our house buying fund.

Despite all the busy-ness, I have found the time to go out on several forays to get some elephant making supplies for my contribution to the Month of Softies. Now I just need to get down to it and do some sewing. I love buying fabric. I could do it all day. Getting organised to sew is a different matter. There are more and more elephants popping up around the web which is so exciting to see. Although it’s tempting to link to them all now, I think I might save them up so there’s something to see in the first week of December.

And for the truly fabric obsessed…

Some Beautiful ribbons which Lincraft is stocking for a limited time due to the crazy frou frou racing season.

This morning Christina and I met at Patchwork on Central Park to ooh and ahh at the fabrics. I bought a few things because of that usual fear that “I might never see this fabric again!”. Here’s the motherload:

I found some stuff that will have to be included somewhere on my elephant due to the elephants on it:

And I couldn’t resist this Liberty print which is unforgivable because it ain’t cheap… but honestly… I might never see it again.

My best find was some fabric for which I have been keeping an eye out for a while. I first saw it on a doll in a doll’s shop a few months ago. The doll itself was nothing special but its little kimono top and pants made of this were very cute.

I think I might save this and make something for Amelia’s bedroom (when and where that might be is anyone’s guess).

And after all that intense fabric glut I think I might start planning some toys made out of recycled materials. It’s all a bit much.

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26 Responses

  1. Oh the fabric with elephants is so cute!

  2. barbara_hende9@hotmail.com says:

    Dear Claire, Let me just reassure you that never, ever, is it a mistake to buy Liberty fabric!- it will always be beautiful, classic and timeless, even if there is not time to sew it up just now or even for a few years … Plus the Japanese print is very special, perfect for a small girl’s room or anyone’s room in fact – do you know, the drawing of you with your grandma and the hexagon quilt is still my favourite of all your drawings … quilts and handmade toys create so much comfort and happiness.

  3. My cards arrived today which was a great treat after a couple of very unsettling days here in the Netherlands. Thanks Claire!

  4. stottd@bellsouth.net says:

    thanks for making cards again this year claire. they’re all i use.cheers.

  5. I got my cards and just love them, Claire. Glad that you are doing all right with them. Can’t wait to see your elephant.

  6. One day I’m going to come and trample your flowers for making me spend all my pizza money at Spotlight 🙁

  7. ahhh… that liberty print is gorgeous!!

  8. My cards came today and I just love them! Thank you!!

  9. You’re fabric choices are wonderful!

  10. Oh Claire, you are such a bad influence on me. I always wrap my presents with brown kraft paper and use really nice ribbon to tie them up. I hope the city store has some of that polka-dotty stuff left. Le sigh.
    Also, I forgot to mention I bought you a book at the Frankston Savers last week called “Using Fabrics For Fun” – Kylie and I were both reminded of you when we saw it (there might be a few things you could make with Amelia), so let me know how to get it to you.

  11. pwuebker@earthlink.net says:

    I love that fish fabric so much!

  12. The ribbons are beautiful…I’m such a sucker for polka dots…and the fabric great too.

  13. grandefille_2000@yahoo.com says:

    Thank you, thank you, Claire, for the lovely holiday cards. They’re just perfect — I always send New Year’s cards. I’m going to tell EVERYONE to get yours next year. Be ready!
    And re: the ribbons — Aaaaigh! I’m so jealous! I’m planning to make a “taggie” blankie for my impending niece (*waves to Delaney, due in March*) and would love to stumble upon such a treasure trove of textures for her gift! I think I’m going to wind up using your wonderful site for ideas for toys for her …

    Blessings to you and yours!

  14. The link to your cards in this post isn’t working – probably because the URL exists twice in the link.

  15. mirrormaybe@yahoo.com says:

    The fabric looks beautiful. I can’t pick a favorite…I love them all. I’m really looking forward to the elephant photos, too.

  16. Claire,we got our cards today and they are even better than we’d imagined – gorgeous. And such speedy delivery! thanks.

  17. purplebeans@telstra.com says:

    I got my cards! They are divine, I want to keep them all for myself! Thankyou! 🙂

  18. Half the fun of shopping with friends is seeing what they buy. Thanks for sharing with us all! I had to wipe the drool off the keyboard. And Patchwork on Central Park is a mecca – you have bought well, my child!
    PLUS – got my cards… wowee!!!!!!!!! Thanks!

  19. planet5@earthlink.net says:

    I love those fabrics! Great choices. I especially love the fish fabric – do you know who makes it? I’d love to try and get some…

  20. i too received my cards, and am giddy with delight! i’m looking forward to writing in them, and passing them along to friends, and sharing the giddiness.
    even though i don’t have time to make a softy right now, i LOVE seeing the creations!!! yay!

  21. Good to hear your cards are selling well.
    Mine arrived safely accross the atlantic the other day and ……wow.

    Trouble is, I’ve got to give them away to people soon! I’m not sure I want to part with them 🙂

    I’m certain my friends will appreciate them as much as me though.

    Good work.

  22. My cards arrived today! They are so beautiful! I am going to keep one of each for myself to frame and hang up around the holidays…then I have to decide which people on my long Christmas list are special enough to get the loobylu cards!
    Also, I want to marry that ribbon you bought…

  23. Claire, my cards arrived today and they are just the most adorable things ever. I even love the envelopes! And very cool to see the gocco imprint – charming! Best wishes to you for a complete sell-out, and I can’t wait to see next year’s designs!

  24. all my materials are at my bestfriends house while i’m overseas travelling… i left specific instructions about which ones could not be used without consulting me first… and warnings about which ones she cant even breath on! in particular the lavender dancing dolls… that i went to two stores to buy all the remaining stock.
    i’ve had to stay away from fabric stores while travelling. the one time i couldnt hold back i bought 3 fat 8ths and posted them home… i have no will power!

  25. ohhh, the little girls with the parasols are so sweet!
    i don’t know if you are into buttons or not, claire (i am), but take a look at these itaglio ones, if you haven’t seen them. too wonderful!


  26. saustmat@lycos.com says:

    Hmm.. the kimono fabric? It’s actually a chinese print and not a japanese print.