A month of softies

I have an idea for a meme — it’s not terribly original as it’s based on the idea of Photo Friday and Penelope’s Illustration Friday (which I am definitely entering this week!) but it could be kind of fun.
The idea is that every month (giving us plenty of time) a theme is suggested and participants then construct a doll – toy – monster creation along the lines of the theme. For instance I was thinking the first theme could be “Elephant on roller skates” which is pretty specific but the interpretations could be very diverse and cool – obviously it could be a soft toy but could be interpreted as something like an applique on a dolls dress or whatever. I was then thinking it would be fun to extend the invitation to all sorts of different craft folks so that the elephant on roller skates could be embroidered on a bag or painted onto a box or whatever, but the themes would be based on most participants constructing a textile object or 3D toy like object.

My next thought is at the end of the month, if people choose, the items could be auctioned by the individuals on ebay and the proceeds could be donated to the participants chosen charity.

I could set up a page that has thumbnails of all the works with links to the blogs / sites of the crafts folk and a link to the charity and a link to the auction.

Would this be fun?

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39 Responses

  1. that’s a fantastic idea!!! what a great source of inspiration.

  2. i’ve been expecting a ‘no more chanel’ post all day, but i get the feeling you’re still sitting with your mouth agape in front of the tv
    she is so spunky. im gonna miss seeing her every week

  3. I’m a lurker to your site for quite some time now. Love to read but never made a comment before, but now I simply have to. What at wonderful idea, especially because you start with an elephant. One would almost think it’s a sign for me because that’s what my cuddle-toy looked like when I was a child. I still have it here somewhere. So I would love to participate also, I have to figure out the Ebay-thing also because I live in Holland and although I only bought ones thru Ebay, I never used it to sell something

  4. That sounds like a great idea! Love to take part.

  5. I think it sounds like a lovely idea — maybe do a trial for three months, see if it picks up momentum? I do like the idea of bringing in other artists working in other mediums — perhaps illustrators could do t-shirts or the like.

  6. I am not able to make anything, but I would be interested in being a bidder – I think it is a great idea!

  7. I think it sounds like great fun! 🙂

  8. Sadly, I wouldn’t be able to construct anything, but I would love to see what comes of it – and bid on the items!

  9. sounds like great fun! maybe someday i will get my loom out and particiapte…. ^-^ but until then, would love to see what others are doing and maybe even make a bid or two (that would be a new experience in itself for me!)

  10. oh that’s a fun idea! I’ve been sad I can’t participate in illustration friday because I can’t draw for crap. but I can stuff an elephant 🙂
    count me in!!

  11. it sounds like fun, I don’t know how much time I could dedicate to yet something else. But it would definitely be fun to see everyone else’s ideas and open the doors for lots of ideas and new mediums.

  12. i love the idea – i could use and incentive to get working.
    i for one would need some clarification on how the ebay part works though. i am in sweden and we don’t have ebay here (yet!), but i reckon we could just post on the u.s. ebay and mail the parcel from europe to the winner?

  13. that sounds like oodles of fun…:)

  14. What a splendid idea! I love the thought of an elephant on rollarskates 🙂 I would love to give it a try!

  15. Yes it most certainly would be! Count me in if you go ahead. This means of course that I will have to find where that blog I started 6 months ago is!

  16. a.fitzgerald@rogers.com says:

    sounds fab…will you post a deadline of sorts? or will this just be an “end of november” type of thing. i too will have to sort out ebay and i haven’t a blog/site yet either. but i have ideas swimming around already!

    congrats to your hub. on his new citizenship from another “eh”ing canuck.

  17. i’d definitely be open to giving this a try. creativity is always so much more exciting when its within a community, i think!

  18. I agree…great idea. I’ll even attmempt to participate…but after November lol (NaNoWriMo in 7 days!).

  19. Oooh I love the idea! It’s just what I’ve needed to get myself sewing again.

  20. I absolutely love your work, & your site, so inspiring! I would love to take part in this event!! Please count me in! :->

  21. That’s a great idea. It would certainly get me to create something instead of just thinking about it.

  22. Sounds great – I can probably knit an elephant, but the roller skates bit could be a challenge!

  23. Yes! That would be so much fun!

  24. toevlugsoord@hotmail.com says:

    That would be very fun, and especially fun to hear the theme ideas. I have just made my first doll and am wanting to make/do more.

  25. lauracarroll@hotmail.com says:

    This is a fantastic idea. I’d love to take part too! looking at everyone’s responses you’re onto a rooool winner here.let me know if you need any legwork done, I’d be delighted to help out if it turns into a big thing to organise.

  26. Sounds like heaps of fun!

  27. I’d love to do it!I might do bags with applique or a toys, depends on busy-ness

  28. d_rogal@hotmail.com says:

    How fun, I’m hopeless at sewing but hopefully can hide my bad seams with embellishment! Count me in.

  29. havis@fini.net says:

    yes yes yes!

  30. d5h8v@unb.ca says:

    Oh, me too! Count me in.

  31. I adore that idea! I would for sure take part, especially if one could interpret the theme in any craft medium!

  32. eyesalight@gmail.com says:

    I’d love to do it! Having a theme is so much better than having to think of crafty things myself!

  33. Can a newbie sock doll maker get involved? All my sock dolls look like evil aliens.

  34. Dear Claire, I am not a crafy person, however, I think this is an exceptionally BRILLIANT idea! It would probably take alot of time to organize, but I bet the results would be spectacular.
    If I ever pick up embroidery again, perhaps I’ll participate!

  35. orangeface2000@hotmail.com says:

    awesome idea. as i was reading i thought wouldn’t it be cool to auction them off on ebay – – then in the next paragraph you suggested it! very cool. you could make up a search name or abbreviation as well that people could use to find the auctions. i’m a painter and i’ve never made any toys or dolls but perhaps i could make an attempt!

  36. orangeface2000@yahoo.com says:

    i just made a comment and i believe i said my email addy was orangeface2000@hotmail.com but it is actually @yahoo.com. please forgive me, i haven’t had enough coffee.

  37. wow! you are so talented & creative that it makes my head hurt! keep up the good work, cheers,
    kelli ann