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Yesterday was an exhausting day of house hunting. Out of the nine properties we saw we were only vaguely tempted by one totally crazy one. So crazy that it needed a lot of work and was therefore a little too expensive but it had 6 bedrooms! Wow! I could have a sewing room, two guest rooms and a room dedicated to wrapping gifts just like the wives of American presidents!
Anyway, we have now decided to give ourselves until the end of the year to find something otherwise we are going to look for a house to rent for another year and have the official “year of living frugally” to save for something better. Luckily I have some good lentil recipes.

Fortunately we ended the day with a visit from Ben and Suze who came to celebrate Big-P becoming half Australian. And what better way to celebrate but to get some take-away curry from the Tandoori Den and drink Indian beer! Ben did, however, bring along the most incredible pav for dessert.

This morning I was up way too early as all folks sharing houses with toddlers seem to be at this time of year and so it wasn’t too much effort to get down to the flea market at 8am and spend an hour browsing before meeting some of the Craft Army girls for an inspiring (as usual) coffee and chat. Big-P and I finally unpacked the gocco yesterday and Miriam was able to convince me that the whole gocco process is scarily easy. If I wasn’t busy dying fabric samples and a pair of old cords a bright “mexican” Dylon red in an old bucket out the back this afternoon I would have got into it. And now, of course, Idol is about to start.

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4 Responses

  1. After seeing 100’s of (ugly, strange, bizar) houses, being pregnant and living in a canalhouse apartment the size of a box, we were getting desperate.Our cut-off point was at 7 months pregancy. After that we would just buy any old house. We found the house just in time, having past-by it and wished for it. So I just know you will find yours!! Even if it doesnt feel like it at times.

  2. hope the househunting is successful so that you don’t have to break into your stock of lentils…

  3. You know, you will come across the house you love and can afford when you least expect it, usually 5 minutes after you sign a 12 month lease on a rental property.

  4. I hope that you are all telling the truth that we really can find a house. We are in the same boat as you, tons of nasty homes that are all overpriced. We could so easily find a home if we could afford something real expensive.
    Anyway, I wish you luck, and patience. 🙂