Prototype # 1

I have been going absolutely bonkers trying to get a doll which is absolutely-to-my-liking finished. Introducing Prototype # 1 (a.k.a. Lily).

Bits of her I really like. I like her arms (though they are a little lumpy), legs, hair and face but her head shape is grim indeed and was the only thing left over from the previous pattern – it needs some work. It also really bugs me that the stripes don’t line up on her legs! Ugh!

The dress is really rough but I have been chopping and snipping it all day. I have made about ten little dresses that are all hopeless and have finally come up with this thing. The flowers are temporarily tacked on and the colour isn’t wonderful but I have a lot of this tan stuff lying around and I needed to use something that wasn’t precious. Prototype 2 will be much better. Stay tuned.

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30 Responses

  1. says:

    Oh wow! Another beautiful dollie. I can’t wait for Protype #2. When you get a pattern you absolutely love, would you consider sharing/selling it? I am definitely interested in making a few dollies for Christmas presents! 🙂

  2. says:

    i think you’re being a little hard on yourself…that doll is so cute! her head looks fine.

  3. your dolls are great, but why don’t any have eyelashes? from what i can see most of your illustrations do.

  4. gosh you finished her soo quickly!! she is rather sweet though.

  5. What a wonderful qute face she has. And since my child and I really like Pippi Longstocking at the moment I love Lily’s legs!

  6. says:

    what sort/brand/model of sewing machine are you using? i like the buttons on the doll’s dress. kewl.

  7. says:

    Gorgeous! maybe she could use some eyelashes….and a nice pair of boots! Just thinking!

  8. I do love the face a lot! I like the legs too, even if the stripes don’t line up, I think that detail has its charm too. Lovely. I will sure stay tuned.

  9. says:

    I love the dress… the flowers really make it.She has a great face too… very similar to your illos.

  10. says:

    she is very cute!

  11. How precious! I totally love her face and her sweet dress!

  12. says:

    Dear lord. I need coffee. I read a.’s comment as “maybe she could use some eyelashes…and a pair of nice boobs!” And I thought “Really not the doll she’s aiming for…”
    Anyway, it’s precious. I’m so impressed with your projects. And I thought the doll you made Amelia was gorgeous.

  13. Very cute. Maybe you wouldn’t notice the legs not matching up as much if the seam was in the back rather than the front. I love the hair.

  14. says:

    Two things you could try with the striped legs:
    1. use wider striped fabric because it is easier to line up

    2. redesign the leg pattern so that the seams are at the sides of the legs rather than the front and back. Then it won’t be so obvious if the stripes don’t exactly line up.

    Good luck with your dolls!

  15. says:

    I love the doll. I think she is charming but not overly cutesy. sweet!
    I was thinking, it is not such a big deal that stripes aren’t lining up. But maybe if you put the seam at the side, it would not be so noticable (to you). BUt I cannot sew at all so have no idea if that is possible.

  16. Lily is very sweet! A couple of hints/tips for your dolls: 1. I think you will find if you draw your doll’s head just as you would one of your illustration characters’ heads you will be pleased with the shape. Just remember to add for your seam allowance. 2. As for lumpy stuffing, elinor peace bailey has a nice primer on her site, 3. When sewing striped stockings, “match” patterns by lining up the coordinating lines (or checks or plaids) first. Pin the two sides together once they’re matched and then cut your pattern pieces from the matched fabric. Sew each leg starting with the front seam and the pattern should match. It might be a little off in the back, but that’s why there’s a back!

  17. she is adorable! I love seeing your creations. Her eyes are charming. You can always dye your tan fabric!

  18. says:

    I showed Lily to my 4 yr old daughter.She said I think she is Beautiful!We love her!

  19. says:

    I’ve been so inspired by your doll making that I’ve been trying it at home each night. I’m having such fun experimenting and playing. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations!

  20. Stripes are really hard! But I do like them. She’s cute…can’t wait for the second one.

  21. says:

    Very cute !! To bad my daughter isnt into dolls *sniff* 🙂 *keep smiling*

  22. says:

    how about if the seams of the legs line up in the back instead of up front? will it look plain? just a thought.

  23. Oh good god, she’s cute!

  24. says:

    What a cutie. Love the light pink highlights in her hair!

  25. I applaud your constant dedication, enthusiasm, and productivity..despite what you may think.
    I was inspired by lots of your projects to create some things for myself..especially the latest doll and Christmas cards.
    Yet my prototype doll has been lying naked, faceless and devoid of a hairdo for months, and the Christmas card ideas are nowhere to be seen..yet!

    If only we could bottle the Loobylu energy! I don’t even have a child…

  26. i don’t want to the only one with a negative comment, but i agree with the head shape being off and to me (maybe because of the head shape), her eyes look a little sinister, definitely mischievious. (i’m told i’m a perfectionist too.) She otherwise looks great.

  27. says:

    I like the legs not matching up. Very cute!

  28. You make me want to make dolls, even if I’m not very good at sewing. Your doll is adorble.

  29. She is gorgeous!!i have to agree with Jennifer’s post – you make me want to get a sewing machine!!

  30. Lily is lovely. I love her everything. I love that lines don’t line up on the stockings. Character is always a must in unique objects. Makes me go and make something personal and cute for my girls.Don’t be so strict on yourself.