Chanel Cole for PM!

It occurred to me while I was cleaning the bathtub this morning that I am quite obsessed with Australian Idol. Through a fog of toxic cleaning fumes and thoughts of how incredibly gorgeous Chanel is and which route would be best for her her career – to win or not to win and exactly how I could get my hair to do what hers does I vaguely realised that Big-P was saying good bye to me as he headed off to work.

I briefly stopped thinking about the competition but then a while later I found myself thinking about the argument between two of the judges last night, Dicko and Marcia, and whether or not they do it for ratings or if it’s all real.

Only a little while later I found myself again lost in thoughts about how terrible Casey must feel today after forgetting her words and receiving a slamming from the judges. She’s only 16! And so on.

It’s the same every Monday and then while I am feeding Amelia her dinner my Mum and I sit at the kitchen table and hit redial as we vote for Chanel; “one for me!” – redial – “one for you mum” – redial – “one for Big-P! – redial – “one for dad, even though he likes Ricki-Lee better” – redial – “one for Amelia” etc.

Idol is eating a huge hole in my personal “say no to tv” campaign. There’s Sunday night’s performance show, Monday night’s live verdict and now I even have to watch Inside Idol on Thursdays as it seems very important to me to know what these people are really like… It’s all got so bad that I have twice now stopped at the magazine rack at the Supermarket to read up on the Idol celebrity gossip – who likes who, who’s a complete cow, latest Idol health scare and so on – while Amelia is shouting at me from the trolley “Me want that Wiggles thing Mummy!” pointing to any near-by product branded with the Wiggles’ faces. At least I don’t have it as bad as she does for the Wiggles. I am yet to change my name to Chanel as she has to Jeff.

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  1. Your illustration of Chanel is gorgeous! You should send her a copy. It surprises me how passionate people get about Idol contenders – they are all fantastic in their own way. I hope you don’t mind a little feedback, but I certainly prefer the blog links to Google ads.

  2. It is truly addictive… I used to all ‘holier than thou’ about people who watched reality tv until this season of Idol. Now I not only watch, I scream and interact with telly… Marty’s got to go!

  3. I prepared myself for the disappointment of the Election result though not enough for the mauling of some of the Beatles songs last night and even less when watching with tears! mind you, Ricki-Lees farewell. I like you have become ever so slightly obsessed I listen into the Idol conversations at work over my screen and would love to voice an opinion but feel I would be butting in – I love a good chat about Idol!

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    Oh I know what you mean. Those thoughts intrude in the most interesting situations. So sad about Ricki – Lee (and no I didn’t vote so its my own stupid fault), go Courtney. I have also been known to become a total Big Brother addict and the occasional Survivor series, but pride myself on saying no to daytime soaps!

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    Oh Claire,
    How funny! My entire family is up in arms with tonight’s verdict on Ricki Lee! What is the world coming to? In the space of 30 seconds all three of my sisters phoned, all of us expressing our shock and disbelief. I completely understand your obsession. Mine has been so that I now have my “I don’t watch TV” husband hanging on Casey’s every forgotten line and Beth, my 4 year old, has become a little “Chanel Cole” (as she calls her, one word)protege. Doing her hair for kinder has become a nightmare and this morning I had to go out to the hanging baskets and pick some fern for her to put in her hair! And she would really like a dress with “leafers” on it from Santa this year. And my latest theory? Marty is the new Shannon and will go all the way to the final with Courtney. Not that I am hoping that either of them actually win. Each week my sisters and I come up with a new conspiracy theory, and this is this weeks after tonights results. So, rest happily tonight, knowing that you are not the only outwardly “normal” person whose life has been transposed by the legend that is, Australian Idol.

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    Well i continue to be in love with your site, but I have a small question re the re design … are the links to fave blogs going to be back on the front page one day? I did like using them to catch little snippets of humanity while I write my essays … but thanks so much for keeping going with the beautiful site

  7. I cannot believe Ricki Lee has left. Anthony has to go, Mr Plastic Millsy Crap. But you’re right, Chanel has great hair. I want hair like that for the Races this weekend!

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    oh Claire you are not alone. last night i squealed when Casey was safe from being evicted (having voted for her more than i’ve ever voted for anyone on reality tv ever), and was in tears as ricki-lee gamely sang her last song – i truly thought she was going to win and i am still in shock. (but ever so glad that chanel is still around). i’m sort of embarrassed by my addiction to the show (particularly because i so vehemently loathed it last year), but i’m also revelling in the emotional catharsis of it all.
    although, with family first looking like it might hold the balance of power in the senate, there is actually plenty of emotional catharsis (of a miserable kind) to be had in the more ‘hard’ aspects of the media circus…

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    Please excuse me for this completely idol unrelated posting (I am one of few not to succumb to the addiction) but what happened to your list of fav blogs? I may be suffering from blog blindness but I just can’t see it anywhere. It has become one of my staple procrastination sources… and I’m feeling mildly panicky without it!? 🙂

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    I have no sisters to ring & express their shock & disbelief – but we DID get a wrong number call from a lass who was terrifically upset, about 10 secs after the announcement. Go Chanel! we were so sure it was going to be her.

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    Hi Loobylu – I am a first time commenter but I read your site all the time and it really inspires me to be creative. But why comment after lurking for so long – CHANEL of course – it made me laugh that you redial for your entire family, as I do the very same. I was shocked that both RickiLee & Chanel were in the bottom 2 last night – but was relieved that Chanel made it through if only to see how she wears her hair next.

  12. Sadly I fear a huge backlash against the gorgeous and frighteningly talented Chanel – all those jaded middle agers who are shocked that Australia could vote the one-trick-horse Ricki Lee off are gonna take their revenge out on our Chanel.
    When I voted for Chanel yesterday she told me how beautiful I was… I felt so special. I kept voting…

  13. It’s amusing to see all of us, your loyal readers, ‘coming out of the closet’ as Idol fans! I love what Chanel is doing and really couldn’t understand the rough time she was getting from Marcia. Her perfomances are always creative and exciting. I loved the Shirley Bassey song on the Pop show!

  14. I wish everyone would get as upset about the election results as they do about voting for Idols! Mercifully, here in Holland the whole programme, a choice of bland white-bread talentless pop-dolls is so boring there is no chance of becoming addicted. The UK version is a different matter all together though ……

  15. Ohmigod! Me too! Not about Australian Idol (I’m stateside), but about how I am a bonafide “non-tv-person” who has been SUCKED IN lately. And it’ll only be one show per season (currently: The Apprentice and I’m quickly turning off from it because this season is lame) but I have really thought too much about it inbetween episodes. 😉 I love that you are having your own version of this… I don’t feel so guilty/embarrassed. 😉 (Great illustration, too).

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    I love Chanel, but consider yourself lucky that your favourite can be voted out thus promising that you will one day be able to lead a normal life. I, on the other hand, am destinated to spend the rest of the year wondering if I can purchase my own small, piano-playing John Foreman to live at the bottom of my garden and wear gumnuts for hats… sad, isn’t it?
    And if Marty turns out to be another Shannon Noll I am moving to Siberia…

  17. Chanel is the only reason I even bothered with Idol. I didn’t even catch one episode last year, so uninpressed was I with the ‘talent’. But my isn’t she something??
    She’s almost enought to bury my guilt over this reality tv addiction.

    I’m such a lame fangirl.

  18. Sorry Claire,Sorry, but myself and my wife, are not ….. fond of Chanel! Sorry.
    She is just a bit … ‘cutsie’ for us. Don’t get me wrong, she can sing (well sometimes too), but why did Riki-Lee get booted? She was tipped to win after all!!!
    All I can say, after the week when the Idols got to sing THEIR own choice, who could go past Anthony? Didn’t he do a good job!!
    And Marty, he has SOOOOO gotta go!!!
    Oh, and yes, we too are addicted to it. So much so, that on a Monday night at the end of the show, they open up the box office to book your seats. But alas, we have so far been unlucky to get in to see it live!!!

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    did you hear her do ‘a case of you’ tonight? such a beautiful song, such a beautiful voice.
    and i made chanel cole for PM tshirts so your entry title made me laugh 🙂 i should send you one.

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    I also love Chanel. I know its a sickness but whoa what a sickness! Forget John Foreman, I want Chanel at the bottom of my garden wearing gumnut hats, just imagine how cute she’d look!

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    It seems as if so many people who are anti tv for whatever elitist reason have been hooked on Oz Idol. I think Chanel has a lot to do with it. I won’t be watching now. Hope Hayley wins…she will be terrible for the show (don’t think she can sell records) but good role model for skanky children.