Sophie sisters

I am feeling pretty sad about last night’s outcome but you know, it’s a beautiful day, the Greens have a lot to celebrate and Amelia slept in until 5.30am so it’s not all bad.
After a terrible dream where Amelia fell off some play equipment and I couldn’t get any help, I woke deciding I need an mobile phone. Big-P, Amelia and I went out to Chadstone this morning to check out the deals and packages and while we were there I had a look through the always disappointing Lincraft.

I did manage to find some super cheap yarn on sale which will be good for doll’s hair and I also picked up a copy of Vogue Pattern no. 7486 which is a set of patterns for some cute vintage dolls dresses.

I really like the coat and the little green panel dress in the centre and am thinking that if I use some more unusual, less pastelly fabrics and perhaps different, bolder trimmings they might be really fun on some of my dolls.

I am planning on making some more dolls much like Amelia’s Sophie Doll. I have been working on some pattern alterations in Illustrator starting with making them 75% of the size and making the arms less puffy. I also want to work on the embroidery of the facial features – I thought the ones on Sophie were ok but I think it would be fun to try and get something looking a little more like my illustrations (thoughts similar to my ‘eye’ discussion are occupying my mind).

Speaking of unusual fabric, I am transfixed by the designs at Galbraith and Paul – all hand block-printed, and beautifully used for lamps and shades (via tania).

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  1. Hi there,I am completely in agreement about the election results. I have been in a deep depression ever since. I just cannot fathom the outcome. It makes no sense to me. However, the real reason I am writing is to give some friendly mobile phone advice… mainly because I was really really badly burnt by Telstra when I first got a mobile phone and I wanted to warn you! It actually all culminated in me being forced to get a stat dec. in order to terminate my contract… very messy business. They are very bad value, inflexible and have extremely bad customer service. On the other hand… I can completely recommend Virgin Mobile, which is flexible, good value and the main thing is that they really have much better customer service over the phone etc. I promise I don’t work for them! Just wanted to warn you – being a new mobile phone convert 🙂 – Lucy xx

  2. Claire, I share your disappointment with Lincraft. They took a massive nosedive after they were bought out by one of the discount ‘2 dollar shop’ chains. A couple of my friends wrote scathing letters and even returned their discount membership cards, they were so frustrated with them. So much junk in there these days.

  3. says:

    Yes, the election result is depressing all right. What sort of country have we become? Oh well, I won’t go on about it, since you’ve had the good sense not to, Claire.About the yarn you bought at Lincraft: is it the Lana Grossa Mylord? if it is, maybe knit up a swatch or two before cutting it into doll hair lengths. It is a fantastic yarn and knits up really really nicely. And its $1.49 a ball at the moment. That’s the thing about Lincraft, with yarn in particular: they clearly don’t know the potential of what they have in stock & sometimes great bargains can be had simply because they’re clearing space for tacky christmas decorations and such.
    cheers, laura

  4. Your election results make me worry about ours (U.S.A.). My stomach is actually in knots with the waiting and worrying. A friend who came to dinner tonight said, “I think the U.S. can survive another 4 years of George Bush, but the world will be a MUCH different place in that time.” Keep your fingers crossed for us…we are working hard to get rid of the man but many people are just blindly following and believing all the lies he tells.

  5. :)thanks for the link!
    i know, aren’t those fabrics neat?

  6. says:

    Galbraith and Paul’s work is really really beautiful. I live a couple of blocks from their old studio and interviewed for a job there many years ago, when I was a textile designer.

  7. says:

    If you were to sell copies of your ragdoll pattern, I would buy it. 😉

  8. galbraith&paul! found them on the sundance catalog and have been forever admiring their lamps!