Squishy bob

“Everyone with a heart has a secret crush on Bob Brown. He is the Bowie of Parliament – bold, daring and an icon to those who love unitards. Raise him up to teen icon status by covering your bed with these love-cushions and dreaming of giving him a tongue-kiss behind the bike sheds.”

now available at Polichicks! (via the Greens blog)
Also — check out Dear John in the lead up to what promises to be a very exciting federal election day.

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9 Responses

  1. l.franklin@ecu.edu.au says:

    nail-biting exciting i think. let’s hope we get a govt that listens to the people. 🙂

  2. ..sign……….please don’t let Howard get in again!!! I’ve already downloaded a transfer from Dear John. No one here gets it of course but its the thought that counts!

  3. javadreams@yahoo.com says:

    According to this site, Senator Bob Brown is actually gay.

    I’ve noticed a lot of green’s supporters are ill informed about many issues, but to be ill informed about the party’s own leader…what more can I say!!

    With such crazy poicies as they have announced leading up to thie forthcoming election how could any sane voter vote for them, let alone anyone with a heart.

    Keep up the artistic stuff Claire! It’s great!

  4. gee…really nice site!

  5. split_wings@hotmail.com says:

    Yes Bob Brown is gay-But still, doesn’t stop ME from having a poli crush on him =)
    I think he’s gorgeouuuuuuuuuus..
    Bob Brown for president!!!

  6. leetusdesigns@ozemail.com says:

    each to his/her own I guess…But Bob Brown would be the last person I had on my pillow let alone vote for……

  7. lauracarroll@hotmail.com says:

    oh I love that cushion – how much do I love it?? the map of Tassie is an especially nice touch, methinks. Claire I’ve been reading your blog since seeing a post of yours at Craftster & it’s definitely one of my favourite places on the internet. Keep it up.

  8. Summer just left for me 🙁

  9. I wish i could vote from down here but i am not enrolled, but my boyfriend voted and he is in the kindsford smith electrate so he had the otption to vote for Peter Gareth