Pink hair, pink cheeks

A few mornings ago I started cutting out the pieces for a rag doll for Amelia’s birthday.

She’s almost done – I just need to do her a little wardrobe.

As usual I am kind of making her up as I go along in a bit of a trial-and-error way. As a result she is looking kind of odd and not entirely as I imagined her but she’s very cuddly (the main aim) and I am really growing to like her.

I am using a very ordinary book I borrowed from the library called “Making Rag Dolls” which shows you how to make some pretty ugly dolls but the patterns are good and basic and easy to follow so I decided to roll with it and change the bits that don’t really work for me. For her legs I have taken some inspiration from the beautiful Dinara dolls and have made them out of Kaffe Fassett striped cotton fabric – to give her a fun stripey stocking look. It’s gorgeous stuff and comes in great colours – I should have enough left over to make a tiny Blythe dress some time. Her hair is made up of my crazy coloured yarns from Marta’s – it’s in pinks and purples with some streaks of her mossy green slubby stuff. It kind of looks a little like dreadlocks but I have braided it so that it doesn’t get too tangled in the hands of a two year old. I have based her face on the faces of some vintage reproduction dolls that I have seen about the web. I don’t think the cheeks quite worked but I glued them on before applique-ing them so there’s no going back.

I still have to find something suitable that matches all these colours to dress her in. I am thinking something very plain in olive green or chocolate brown. A trip to the fabric store is in order.

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33 Responses

  1. I don’t think I will ever get over how insanely talented you are!!!
    That doll is is soo adorable! And i think the cheeks work!!!

    The hair is my favoite part, I gotta say!!!

  2. jes said what I was thinking! lovely dolly, I’m sure AJ will love her. I know I would.

  3. says:

    Love the hair! Who would have thought these colours would work so well? Your little girl is sure to treasure this one-of-a-kind dolly.

  4. Oh! She’s going to be absolutely adorable!

  5. I love the colors of her hair! You’re doing a great job for just going along as you go*:)

  6. says:

    What a lucky little girl Amelia will be! Every little girl should have a doll as huggable as this. Well done, she is just gorgeous and be sure to show us the finished product. Maybe I should be doing something like this instead of e-baying all night ????

  7. I think she is just delightful! An olive or light khaki green plain linen dress will be the way to go, I reckon, with perhaps some chooky of birdy applique on the skirt?

  8. says:

    fantastic! i can see her in something crazy like spots or vertical stripes. not sure what colour though… you might have to take her with you to the fabric shop to see what suits best. something rich and bright, like a deep mustard-y yellow or dirty turquoise might work.

  9. says:

    Her face looks just like a doll that my grandmother made for me long ago! Only somehow I “picked” the nose so the two little nose knots came out and she now has no nose.

  10. She’s coming along nicely and Amelia will love her and keep her forever. A warning about doll making: once you get started, it’s VERY addicting.

  11. this makes me wish I had a little girl! I think her face is so great! And I think I am knitting a scarf just like her hair.hmmmmm.

  12. Wonderful! She will love her always and especially because her mommy made her.

  13. says:

    She looks great! I love her tiny belly button.

  14. Darling! I love the fact that she has a “button” on her tummy. Amelia is sure to notice that little detail! : )

  15. A chocolate brown jumper with pockets!!Oh she is so wonderful and lovely – Bravo!!!

  16. Beautiful hair! I bet she’ll come out just gorgeous. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  17. very cute. loving the purple and green shades for her hair. the cheeks work for me. so creative and original 🙂

  18. Claire, she’s absolutely GORGEOUS! Amelia is one lucky little girl!

  19. says:

    she is so beautiful!
    i remember my mom made me a few dolls when i was very small. they were my favorites.

    this one is so gorgeous! i like the cheeks. what kind of fabric did you use for the body? it looks so soft.

  20. says:

    Is there anything you can’t do? I absolutely adore that doll.

  21. says:

    She is amazing! YOU are amazing!

  22. says:

    She’s a BEAUTY! What’s her name? Or is that for Amelia to do? I too do all my projects as I go along, and know what you mean about growing to love them slowly!

  23. Oooh, after all that talk about ‘eyes’ I think these are just gorgeous! So bright and happy.

  24. I happen to like the cheeks…makes her look all healthy and cheerful.

  25. You’ve outdone yourself again! I’m always in awe of your wonderful creations. She’s absolutely stunning, Claire. Really. Amelia is one lucky girl.

  26. says:

    Claire, her stripey legs are perfect, and have brightened up my screen at lunch break! I love that Rowan fabric too and have used another colourway to line my own “Bag of Wonder” made from lettuce green Polar! If you haven’t finished knitting the bag yet a helpful tip from the kind lady at Sunspun was to knit both handles at once from the wool remaining after knitting the two side pieces -that way the two balls are just enough – because who could afford a third! I use my bag all the time, sometimes for my knitting or just shopping – thank you for all your inspiring ideas, in particular for introducing the Caroline Zoob book!Barbara

  27. says:

    Is that a little belly button you’ve made her, or is it a spot on my screen? Very cute!The eyes are pretty and the rosy cheeks…
    I am particularly caught by the stripey legs – I fall for stripes like a madcow.
    Maybe an olive green dress with a pink flower on it and little pockets? And a choco brown jacket/manteaux with purple tiny buttons. A winter hat and a shawl?

  28. Oh, I adore her!! How inspiring!

  29. says:

    Really lovely! I want one for me!

  30. Oh wow, she is amazing! Amelia is such a lucky little girl, and I bet she treasures her rag doll for many many years.

  31. I’m thinking corduroy for her dress – or crushed velvet, something nice and tactile to go with her wonderful hair. What a great job you’ve done – am sure Amelia will love her!

  32. says:

    the doll is gorgeous and could be dressed in anything… i see a beautiful white linen for formal days, the chocolate brown you talk of for about town days, perhaps a khaki for important meetings. could we add a touch of hot pink for a wild night out.
    I have two teen girls that loved their dolls, and the colours weren’t important. the variety was. and your dolly has so much character i see it bringing a lot of joy.

  33. The stripey legs are brilliant! Can’t wait to see what you devise for her wardrobe. You have a lucky little girl! ~ Jenny in Dallas