Christmas card designs

My christmas cards are finished, saved to disk and waiting to go off to the printers. While I wait for quotes feel free to take a look at the card designs and send an email to be added to the notification list (obligation free!). They will be sold in packs of 10 (5 of each design) and although I am not sure how much they will cost until I get my quotes I will definitely be shipping them worldwide.Click below images for a larger view:

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46 Responses

  1. Yes, I know. but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. This year I kept the snow out but yes, on one card they are still wearing scarves. However, if you live in Tasmania or Victoria (as I do) then these are totally appropriate! With out a doubt I will be wearing a cardigan when I am sitting up in the pine tree on Christmas eve. 🙂

  2. Hey, they’re really nice! Can you email me when they’re ready for sale?
    My blog is at

  3. Absolutely delightful, Claire! You have done such a lovely job of them! Congratulations.

  4. wow! claire, they’re amazing – I cant wait to buy some. 🙂

  5. says:

    Yet again they are stunning. You are so gifted.
    love Em (from Beijing)

  6. Oh, Claire!
    They are beautiful! I can’t wait to buy some to use as my special cards to send to my very much loved ones overseas.

    Wonderful! Well done – I hope they are a huge success.

  7. says:

    They are beautiful! But what about a summer theme for people in this hemisphere!

  8. those stars are practically lighting up the early-autumn gloom here! They’re brilliant!

  9. Oh Claire, they ARE lovely indeed. I’ll email you right away to get some.. they can be shipped all the way to Italy, I hope!
    And now I have to start working on my own design as well, this was the “kick” that I needed!

  10. says:

    they are sooo great! I love the little glowing faces!

  11. says:

    They’re exquisite, Claire. Nicely done.

  12. says:

    They are beautiful! And I love how creative people can keep coming up with different things for the same season.Let me know when they are done!!

  13. Oh this is definately one of your best works, yet!Especially the little one on the tree is absolutely gorgeous.

  14. these are totally charming…can’t wait to be able to order!

  15. Your cards are absolutely BEAUTFIUL!! I love them!

  16. says:

    the images are impresive and your imagination is really greatlots of greetings from poland

  17. says:


  18. those are just BEAUTIFUL!!:)

  19. says:

    Clare! Sign me up Sista! Love ’em.

  20. I agree with Big-P!! You are taking leaps and bounds! Gorgeous colour, mood, and just glow!!I love your ideas for cards that ANYONE can send during the holidays! Not always an easy thing!

  21. says:

    It’s so hard to find really nice Christmas cards, but I think that yours are stunning – so warm and cheery. I’ll definately be buying a set (or two) when you’re ready to sell.

  22. So beautiful and alive! I’ll have to agree with Big-P – definitely some of your best work. Wow!

  23. says:

    Hi Claire,
    They both turned out so beautiful! Please put me on the list.


  24. Sam and the Firefly! He was one of my favourites as a little ‘un! I’d forgotten all about it.
    And the cards are absolutely gorgeous!

  25. What can I say. These are going straight in the pool room.

  26. Amazing – they practically glow!

  27. says:

    So good!

  28. Just linked in and found your site – love it, and your cards!

  29. says:

    Gorgeous. You are in the flow, miss!

  30. says:

    Ooooooh gorgeous!
    I’ve added myself to your list…

    and I agree… I’ll be wearing a cardi too come Christmas!!

  31. Luv the cards, and I too have added myself to the list.

  32. Very nifty and sweet design.what tree and flowers are in the top card, is that some type of bottle brush?

  33. Amazing! Beautiful! Congratulations, Claire.

  34. They are breathtakingly beautiful. I just love them!

  35. Claire those are really beautiful, i just love the glowing stars! Magical!

  36. says:

    nice — everything is so creative- love your site, but can you feature people of color in your cards?

  37. says:

    these are so amazing!

  38. What beautiful designs! I found your weblog by accident and I’m in awe of your artistic talent.

  39. My husband and I are looking fowrad to purchasing your Christmas cards once again! I’ve been an avid reader of your journal since 1997-98.
    I have one major problem with your Christmas cards… After I get them in the mail, I want to keep them all for myself!

  40. says:

    i just love them! the glow of the stars, is so perfect. you’ve really set the mood. they are just awesome!!!

  41. says:

    they are beautiful Claire, but I have to agree with Nicole. Why pander to a northern hemisphere market? Christmas does not mean scarves (or snow!) here…

  42. your Christmas cards are really lovely.

  43. So impressed!! What a talent.

  44. I just found your website/blog and I love it! You have a real knack with Photoshop, and you invest your characters with so much charm and whimsy. Well done! ~ Jenny in Dallas

  45. Those are so so cute. and i love how your characters are always with a sweet smile ^v^