making light

My new favourite things – a string of paper lanterns on a thread of christmas tree lights. Beautiful.

My site and email have been down for a few days. If you have sent me anything important since the weekend you may want to try sending it again. Thanks!

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10 Responses

  1. Wow… they are lovely! I’ve always wanted to do the paper lantern with candles thing but am too scared cos of fire safety and all that.

  2. I thought I was going nuts when I tried to get to your site and it said ‘no such address’. Welcome back.

  3. WHERE did you buy those? (I live in OZ. )

  4. Welcome back – we missed you! Ever since the horror birth, we’ve had fairy lights strung up around our house. As the hubby says, “Every day is a special day!”

  5. ok, I have enjoyed your journal for a couple months-I stumble across your illustrations and loved them AND I have been wanting to learn to knit but thought…Illustrator is time consuming enough now you are going to knit??? But I was on an airplane with a girlfriend and she taught me to knit-I am on my way to making my very first crooked scarf! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Gahhhh!! I gotta have them for my studio!!!!!..I had plain Christmas lights up last summer, but these are soooo pretty!!

    More info on them, for sure!! (I’m, in Melbourne too)

  7. says:

    oh! they are so cute. what a great idea… they might look nice outside our house, along our porch for david and my wedding. thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Ooh, pretty. I have paper lanterns hanging in my living room. They give good ambience.

  9. Hi! Came here via Frangipani’s blog – don’t know what your old site looked like, but I truly love the new Spring look! You’re a very talented illustrator! Nice one. Will definitely be back…