Father's Day craft update

Happy Father’s Day Big-P. We love you.

Last Thursday I went down to the Stitches and Craft Show. I was really looking forward to it and even kind of imagined it like it might be a land at the top of the Magic far-Away Tree, “The Land of Stitches and Craft” or something. Unfortunately there was nothing terribly magic about it. I was generally pretty disappointed as it all seemed to be junk, but did end up finding a basket of beautiful glass beads which included some quirky little characters. Christina and I scrummaged through it for a good half hour to pick out the best.

After we had walked around the place in a kind of listless daze we left and then dropped in on Patchwork on Central Park on the way home which definitely lifted our spirits.

I was really pleased to see that they are stocking some of the really fun Munki Munki fabrics, and I am planning on finding a simple sun dress pattern for Amelia and then going back to get some.

My new Blythe also arrived making a grand total of three. She’s a Mademoiselle Rosebud and I think she’s gorgeous.

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9 Responses

  1. Awww, how cute! Your daughter definitley has a lot of features from her father. That’s a really cute picture. I had never heard of Blythe dolls until you talked about them on here and I’m digging them and the fabric.

  2. Wow, Amelia has GROWN! Last photo I saw up here she was looking like a baby – now she looks a grown up “big girl”. And what a cutie 😉

  3. Okay, is it wierd that I want to dye my hair like Mademoiselle Rosebud?
    She beautiful!

    – and so is Amelia!

  4. Great find w/ the bead creatures. Very cute.And Happy Father’s Day to Big-P!

  5. Ooh Munki Munki fabrics in melbourne! I love her textiles. Might have to make a trip down to Patchwork on Central Park asap.
    Do you know which designs they had?

  6. alikeller47@aol.com says:

    Amelia is the cuttest girl ever !Happy Father’s Day to Big-P and Claire ,I love your web site.
    V. inspiring,it makes me happy !
    Big hug from this Argentine American Girl that lives in Santa Monica (CA)

    Ally 🙂

  7. Love your Web site! The graphics are absolutely awesome!! And I think you have started my hunt for Blythe dolls. Ouch.

  8. Cute glass beads. I love little things with lots of detail too. I’m usually wary of craft shows as I’ve left quite a few with the same disappointed feeling as you…

  9. wow. my great-aunt had a large collection of the shorter glass characters on the left. they always sat on her vanity in the “green bedroom” where she liked to place pictures of herself 🙂 she was an interesting lady indeed.