Too bad

Sadly, it seems we have missed out on the house. The real estate agent called this morning to say that the owners wanted to wait and see if they could get a better offer in the next little while as the Spring buying frenzy kicks off. Never mind! It was going to be an awful lot of work. I actually don’t feel as sad as I thought I might. It’s feels a bit like now I can just let that one go and start thinking about finding the real one.
Kanae Asai’s site makes me happy. Images like this and this make a sad day glad.

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  1. hi. sorry to hear about the house…but you are right, now you can concentrate on looking for your real home. thanks for the kanae asai links. i grew up in japan and looking at those images really makes me miss my childhood, but glad i had a chance to have them as part of my life!

  2. Oh, Claire. That is a shame but I’m hoping that you discover the perfect house for you (at a reasonable price and close to some great sushi restaraunts!) very soon!

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    Those illustrations sure brought a smile to my face! I love them. Sorry to hear the news about the house. But imagine this on the cover of your elementary school science drill book:

  4. Hi – sorry to hear about the house too. I watch those tv shows like hot auctions, and location, location, and the prices over east just astound me!! Over here in the west house prices arent as steep! How can anyone over there who is tryiong to be a first home owner manage to buy?? beats me! love the blog too! Have been lurking here for a while now. Commiserations with Amelia and the sleeping – as a maum of 3 girls – I can identify!! lucky those days are well and truly past now!! lol!

  5. What a big anti-climax for you Claire! House hunting is so exhausting. If you can look past the immediate disappointment, remind yourself that there will be a flood of houses on the market for Spring, so loads more choice is coming your way.

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    Don’t stress on the house. Sometimes, it is not worth it to have a fixer-up house anyway. The right one is out there.

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    Think of it as winning less work! Shopping for/spying on houses is the fun part – renovating well that’s another kind of “fun”! Best wishes for finding a new dream home.

  8. Hi Claire,your reader from mexico. Sorry about the house, I have been looking for one here and a little bit of trivia: A 3 bedroom house, new, mexican style, in a nice neighborhood costs about 150,000 USD..
    I mean a really luxurious house.. too bad I make 1000 dollars a month 😛
    But I don’t get worked up. One day I’ll make the 3000 I need to get a loan! (3rd world countries are amazing..)

  9. I’m so sorry to hear about the house! Maybe this will cheer you up – a new Blythe toy line has been created, Japanese ‘Kubrick’ style!

  10. :(but, glad you aren’t too sad.
    that site is indeed a pick me up. how cute!

  11. that sucks, but just think, the most PERFECT house with no renovation required could be just around the corner…