Introducing Humphrey Begs

I have finished that very odd dog that I drew a sketch for a few days ago.

His name is Humphrey Begs – with the tiny little legs. My dad named him after he finished guffawing at him. Unfortunately his legs are not strong enough to hold up his tubby tummy and his HUGE HEAD (pronounced “heed”) but he has a lot of character. I’m not sure where my pattern making went wrong but I am learning all the time! This one is going up on Ebay in a few days time when I can get some better photos of him.

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30 Responses

  1. So cute! But calls to mind Strongbad’s one-legged puppy! In a good way, I mean.

  2. says:

    love it!!

  3. He actually looks as though he is doing a ‘trick’ down on his front legs, a kind of begging pose!

  4. He’s adorable. I’m trying to come up with a pattern for a pug and I’ll be thrilled if he turns out half as good as Humphrey.

  5. Aww!! He’s so cuuute!!

  6. says:

    Gone wrong how? He’s lovely, I still don’t know how you create things so close to your original vision, he’s just as I imagined him from the scetch.

  7. Oh, thank you Lara!! He’s head’s a little big. I wanted him to look kind of bright and sparky but instead he looks a little well-fed and dim. I still quite like him. He gets a laugh.

  8. I think he is just lovely. And he’s jolly enough to make any frown turn upside down!

  9. Gorgeous! I think I like him even more because he does look well fed and dim – just like my dog!

  10. the dog looks brilliant. because its legs can’t hold the body up properly, it looks like one of those poses puppies do when they are really excited, barking with happiness and ready to jump up and down. i think you did a grand job!

  11. your talents are endless! he is too cute! how much for the doggie in the window?

  12. says:

    Adorable! I love how his ears stick up & show the purple underneath!

  13. says:

    chlamygirl is right. Humphrey is “bowing,” which is what dogs do when they meet other dogs (or people) and want to play. I love Humprhey, yes I do! Congratulations on fine work!

  14. Humphrey Begs is the *perfect* name. He’s adorable.

  15. He is lovely, and a name inspired by the style of Hairy McClary (of Donaldson’s dairy)? My favorite is Schnitzel von crumb (with the very low tum)!

  16. He’s great! I love his cute gingham (sp?) ears, too.

  17. He is adorable. Really. You did a great job.

  18. Oh i love him, his ears are the very best part, I love the way they curl at the ends! So cute 🙂

  19. i think Humphrey Begs is begging to come live at my house! so clever, claire!

  20. Love him…I will be checking eBay…

  21. He’s adorable! I love the purple gingham in his ears!

  22. He is very cute, reminds me of Family Dog. Not the color, but the nose and size. If you’ve never seen Family Dog, you should. It’s quite hilarious. BTW, not my website, just a link.

  23. So cute!@!!! I really wish i can have it 😛

  24. It’s so cute :)I hope to start making “3D” dolls too very soon and I just found some german dollmaking books from the ’50s with great ideas…

  25. “It’s like an orange on a toothpick!”
    VERY cute creation! I love the fabric you used for the inside of the ears, cute cute!

  26. says:

    Humphrey reminds me of J. Otto Seibold’s dog/reindeer Olive. How do you find time for all these pursuits AND look after Amelia?