Bonny and Blythe

I have never really paid much attention to the Blythe phenomenon but currently showing at OutrĂ© is “This is Blythe” – an exhibition of photographs by Gina Garan. I hope to get along to see it next week as I have been thinking about producing some postcards of photographs of my (yet to be made) soft animals in super styled settings. I was originally thinking about Bjork’s Human Behaviour video (quicktime link), the work of Larry Gianettino and some of the work by my wonderful friend Van Sowerwine and ideas were a-brewing. It really is just an idea at this stage but after having looked at some of the images in the This is Blythe gallery I am newly inspired. I even thought to myself “gee, that blythe doll looks pretty cute and reminds me a little of early loobylu drawings” – so I had a quick look on ebay and you can pick up an original vintage Blythe doll for a quick AU $1,192.40. Wow! Now that would be worth stumbling upon at the flea market. A slightly less expensive new one is going on my Christmas list and it’s time to get making those new toys. Any Blythe fans out there?

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  1. Here’s one for you Claire-bear:

    We saw a fair bit of Blythe stuff in Japan. There was one in particular that I liked, but I never saw it for sale at a reasonable price. Oh well, perhaps next time.

  2. I must be out of the loop because I had never heard of her.. but wow what and awesome looking doll. So expressive. It really does remind me of your characters.

  3. says:

    I think the Loobylu character are nicer than the Blythe dolls! IMO, Blythe looks distubingly like like the Olsen Twins! I hope she eats a good dolly meal.
    But I do admire the way the dolls have been posed so delightfully. And they’ve been photographed so well.

  4. says:

    I sold my original Blythe on ebay last year for $1,000 (to a lady in Japan)! Nobody was more surprised than I was – that doll had creeped me out ever since my mother bought it for me in the early 70s.
    If only I could find another one in a thrift store!


    p.s. I’ve been reading and enjoying you site for a while now – great work!

  5. i adore blythe!! i have the ‘goldie’ doll, which is one of the first takara blythe’s (the originals were made by kenner) and it cost me a fortune (although way cheap compared to the kenner blythe’s!!) a few years back. if i had the money i’d buy more of them but it doesn’t feel right to pay so much for dolls. as for now i am sticking to pedigree sindys!

  6. Ah- my age is showing….I had an Blythe doll circa 1972. Got it from Santa! Don’t know what happened to her. She may be in a box with some other dolls from that same era…I had better see if I can find her. I did not know they were happenin’again….

  7. says:

    I just bought my first Blythe the other day but I’ve been into it for awhile – I was just thinking the other day – “I wonder if Claire likes them at all” because your drawings do have an air of Blythe about them. I highly recommend checking out the forum on Gina’s site – it’s such a great resource.

  8. I’ve always adored those little Blythe dolls, no matter how odd some people think they are.

  9. says:
    lots and lots love here for blythe…if you have time for the archives there is a lot of neat design and more more more blythe đŸ˜€

  10. I started with one… then another…
    who knew sewing little dolly clothes could be so fun?

    My first one (and favorite!) is my Velvet Minuet Blythe… hope you get one soon!

  11. The early Loobylu drawings were so lovely. Coming to this site is like receiving a warm hug; there’s just so much inspiration and creativity here.

  12. How about a photograph of a doll strolling through a miniature garden with a little mirror for a pond?

  13. andrew from gmt+9 has tons of blythe links within his archives.

  14. I also hadn’t heard of this doll…but the big eyes sort of remind me of Betty Boop…anyone remember her? Anyway, Claire, welcome back.

  15. I’ve been to the Outre Gallery show and I love the photographs. I have always been interested in toys or figures into real settings for photos. It is amazing how much ‘reality’ and mood you can achieve with something so false.I could not afford a real Blythe, but at Outre they are selling little figures. One now sits at my desk and watches me all day!

  16. I had one. I HAD ONE. I saved a lot of stuff from my childhood, but not the one thing that would get me $1000 + on eBay.

  17. p.s. if you can get ahold of the summer issue of (american) bust, there is an article about women who plays with dolls… it features blythe, dollfie, barbies and dawn dolls. if you’re interested i can send you a copy of the article!?

  18. says:

    I just acquired my love for Blythe. I remember playing with her in the early 70’s. I can hear the faint clicking of her eyes changing. I read the article in BUST magazine and found a love for the doll. She’s a little out of my price range right now, but I can enjoy her from Gina’s pic’s and the lovely site of Tiffany makes the most stylish outfits and photos to boot. Best of luck with your inspirations. I have been visiting your site for a year now and quite enjoy it.