Japanese fabric finds

Today is all about putting together my screen printing folio to hand in on Monday. I love studying but assessment sends me into stressed-out body shut down. Not unlike my year 12 school year, all I want to do is sleep. Unlike my year 12 school year I won’t – I will soldier on.
I have been checking out some Japanese fabric stores on the web. I particularly like the range at this store called the Nani Iro Collection, which includes some very cute polka dot stuff. The images are incredibly bad jpegs but you get the idea. I love the randomness of this design – a different take on the usual polka dot grid like layout. Also good are these great checks (scroll down), and the stripes and crazy florals on this page.

In other fabric news – Amy Butler from Art of the Midwest has a new line of fabrics out through FreeSpirit. There are some beautiful things there – have a look at Ginger Bliss.

Ok, back to work.

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9 Responses

  1. chloe@iprimus.com.au says:

    Claire do you know about Nuno Textiles? You should check them out : http://www.nuno.comtheyre amazing!

  2. where do you find this stuff? it’s really great. is this what you aspire to, too? designing fabulous fabrics? what a great job that would be.

  3. I’m still trying to get my hands on all the fabric I need to make a queen size quilt out of Amy Butler’s Temple Flowers collection (the blue/purple colorway) and now she’s released another line. Geez.
    The blue/purple colorway from Temple Flowers has been in a few US quilt magazines in the past few months so it has been really hard to find all the fabrics that I want to use.

    The Amy Butler/Free Spirit fabric cuts and washes up beautifully, though.

  4. I just noticed the new Amy Butler fabric also. I will just have to get sample of those. I agree that it is wonderful fabric to wash and use. Her new Vera bag pattern is awesome!

  5. melindapaino@hotmail.com says:

    hi claireim from melbourne but now living in japan.i did the studio textiles course at rmit and majored in printed textiles.i can identify with your colour mixing troubles and lack of print time.it all brings back happy memories.i am a textile designer for a company in japan called mina perhonen.maybe you would like our work?
    if you have time between knitting ,babies, house hunting, printing, cooking, blogging ,and all the other things you do please check some of the links through yahoo…
    i miss camberwell market i love pellegrinis i love gallery funaki.

  6. Hi looby Lu,
    I am desperatly seeking fabrics for some babies things i am making, looking for prints with big strawberries, lady bugs, or little trucks etc i would be grateful if you have seen any such designs on your fabric travels if you could send me an link! but i know your very busy! Many thanks

    Binny 🙂

  7. Good luck with your assesments.. although I am sure you don’t need it, especially if that sample below is anything to go on — it looks so beautiful.

  8. OOOooooo! I love your fabric! And thanks for the link to Amy Butler– through her I found a fantastic shop in my area that carries the complete Kaffe Fassett line. A day trip is in order!

  9. I love your bag! I actually think I like the back a bit more than the front – the print under the solid material looks great!