Too tired to blog so here's a picture

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12 Responses

  1. and i thought writing was easier than creating these wonderful illustrations! 😀

  2. its hard posting every single day isnt it :Pi love your pictures, claire, jealousy consumes me

  3. says:

    and we like it anyway! jay!I love your winter theme and pictures: it’s very refreshing in the italian summer heat right now. Good night!

  4. i love that you are posting every day. enjoying your words and illustrations 🙂

  5. As always, I adore your pictures…

  6. says:

    Cute picture! It reminds me of one of the scenes in the new Harry Potter film.

  7. You don’t LOOK tired! : )

  8. Very pretty illustration. It seems a child of the Andean indians

  9. That’s gorgeous, Claire. Gee, I bet it would look nice knitted up in Rowan Polar… ; )

  10. wow! you design all these awesome pictures?? i’ve always admired them.

  11. get some rest…doctors orders.cheers