friday night, time for bed

Still a bit slow today but Amelia had another brilliant night apart from a little more Baby Whispering needed at 5am. I have had one of those days where I keep thinking “Oh, I am such a bad mum! Has she watched TV for two hours now?” and then thinking “ah, get over it – she’s fine”.
I don’t have much time to blog as it’s time for bed but here are some links:

I don’t understand how she did it but this silk yarn which Leigh hand spun (I think) is beautiful. I have yarn envy!

I continue to be amazed by the extreme negative reaction that the Play School episode featuring a little girl going to a funfair with her two mums has caused. Surrounding myself with like minded people I often forget what kind of world we live in. Thank you Elissa for drafting a letter to the ABC in show of support and offering it on your blog last week. After reading the sadly conservative and at times outright offensive opinion piece published in the Age this morning by former director of research and evaluation of Sesame Street (1968) Sam Ball, I will be sending my own letter of support to the ABC shortly.

I am trying to work out what bag pattern I am going to go for when joining in the Melbourne Stitch ‘n Bitch Great Felted Bag Knit-along. A lot of people are going for the French Market Bag featured on Knitty but although it’s pretty cool I am not sure it’s what I need right now. So I was browsing around the web looking at blog entries showing finished felted bag projects and saw one that I really liked but now I can’t for the life of me, no matter how much googling I do, find it. I can’t remember what the handles were like, but this is the shape and colour, so if anyone knows this bag (artist’s impression):

please let me know the link! Thanks.

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  1. Good to hear that you’re both on the road to recovery. And I don’t know which bag you mean… Could it be the Booga Bag?

  2. Drat, it didn’t take the link. Sorry about that. Booga Bag at:

  3. says:

    a totally unrelated bag that i came across somehow – but great looking should you want to keep this in your back pocket for the future. i plan to knit it “someday”… after my 10 current projects are finished, perhaps.
    it is called FELTED DOMINO-KNITTED BAG. scroll down on

    it looks practical and fun/challenging… garter stitch “squares in rounds”.

    happy knitting and i look forward to the updates!

  4. your drawing looks rather like suki, also from knitty.

  5. I think that bag is suki, also. That was my immediate thought when I saw your rendering.

  6. My first thought was the Booga bag (which someone already left the link for) or the All Around Companion (, but I have a feeling it is neither of those two patterns… hmm, let us know if you find it, ok?
    Hope you’re feeling better!

  7. says:

    i had a similar moment last year at work (during a very very slow stretch) when a colleague & i tried to find a particular felted bag on the Net. i get lost in that haystack so often!!! come across some excellent things on the way tho’. the boys at threadbear have some great patterns for bags (See the Two Old Bags collection!)
    courage (as they say in Mtl.) for the night time routine/the patience to take you through it. i was an extremely patient person before having kids – but bedtime is beginning to drive me bonkers!! trying to stay calm and firm…

    kelli ann

  8. says:

    You just have to see this picture itΒ’s sort of gross but really really funny Support Howard Stern

  9. That kind of looks like the Suki bag from a previous knitty. Maybe a fall or winter knitty? Can’t remember, you can go take a look at their website:

  10. the colors do look like Suki, is that what you were looking for?

  11. I agree that my drawing does look a lot like suki and maybe suki was the pattern that this bag was based on, but the bag I saw was on someone’s blog and colours were exactly as I pictured them… all green with a pink rim. The main difference is that I am pretty sure that it had a flatter bottom than suki and I would prefer that I think. The search continues! I hope I didn’t dream it. I have been having a lot of knitting dreams recently.

  12. says:

    Dear Claire,
    It was an interesting point you made about Play School causing an uproar because it featured a lesbian couple and their little girl. I too am surprised people would be so upset about this, when the traditional view of family life has changed so much in recent years and these changes have been so commonly excepted and filtered through into daily life by the media.

    I work within children’s televison and we often go to extreme length’s to ensure none of the content offend’s anybody, yet I cannot remember ever working on a programme which had a gay or lesbian couple. Something to suggest to my director in the future, maybe?

    What I do remember about being a small child is that you are so accepting of the world around you and take people how they are, before self-consciousness develops and you learn to mock what is different from the norm. So surely early childhood is a good time to introduce different people’s religion, culture and sexuality to encourage tolerance?

    Sorry if my post has turned into a rant. I find you and your website to be very inspiring and I’m glad your feeling better.

  13. I can’t believe all that outcry about the Playschool episode… I mean they have had John jumping around in a tutu saying look at me, I’m a pretty ballerina, in the campest manner possible since I was a kid!
    btw. apparently parents are being told to ‘talk’ to their kids before watching Shrek 2 because there is a transexual barmaid in one of the scenes. Like little kids are going to notice a character with a beard and breasts unless it is pointed out to them.

  14. I got to touch Leigh’s yarn today and it was lovely!

  15. Thank you! πŸ™‚ I’m so flattered that you like my handspun. πŸ™‚

  16. Yeah, it wasn’t that long ago that people were taking their kids to SEE bearded ladies at the circus…But seriously, why can’t we all just get along?!! Glad people are showing support for the ABC!

  17. i wanted to butt in with a link to a small suki knit-along page, i found it was amazing how different each knitter got the bag to look just by blocking it on different shapes. if you let it just hang dry you’ll get a rounded bottom, but if you say, stretch it over a bucket (or something like that.. maybe even a box, though that would result in a square shaped bag) and you’d get a flatter bottom (heehee, well the bag would anyway).
    here’s a suki knit along (it’s two pages of pictures) that might be fun to look at πŸ™‚