Wintery bits

First day of Winter. Time to stay in doors and make paper dolls.
Please read Keri Smith’s 10 Ways to Infuse Your Work With Your Personality. Keri’s pearls of wisdom are always a welcome delight. I have printed this out to keep in my journal.

And to celebrate the end of Amelia’s dairy free three months:
Cheesy Star Shape Biscuits
(otherwise known as Cheese straws or Biscuits – from “The Commonsense Cookery Book – Book 1” published 1970)

3/4 cup dry cheese
1/4 cup butter or margarine
3/4 cup plain flour
salt (I left this out) and cayenne to taste
1 egg yolk
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice

1. Grate cheese
2. Mix butter lightly into flour
3. Add cheese, salt and cayenne
4. Mix egg yolk and lemon juice, add to flour mixture, and mix to a stiff dough
5. Roll out dough to 5mm thick
6. Cut out star shapes (or whatever – even just sticks) with a floured cutter.
7. Bake on a greased tray in moderate oven 150°c – 160°c for 10 to 20 minutes.
8. Cool on tray

This doesn’t make a lot but they are really easy and really tasty so next time I am going to try doubling the recipe.

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  1. wowsers great new look…you rule again! i had a redesign as well…but alas it is just a template…but it’s pink so that is totally spring.Three cheers for loobylu and keri smith. muchos inspiration.

  2. says:

    wonderful new layout!! I love it!! And I’ll try making these biscuits for sure…

  3. Wow! I love the new layout and the paper doll illustration. I’ve also redesigned my site a few weeks ago.
    The recipe sounds delicious. I think I might give it a try one of these days 🙂

  4. what a gorgeous winter theme!

  5. I love the new layout Claire – truly beautiful

  6. says:

    whoa! I was shocked at first, since we are just about to start summer. then I realized… oh yeah, Australia. When I recovered, I started to really admire the new theme. Lovely work as usual, Loobylu!

  7. aww, the layout’s too cute! 😀

  8. oh oh oh! i like your new layout. i am especially fond of the background: looks like a lovely quilting pattern. very nice.

  9. Beautiful new layout! Love the paper dolls! You rock, Claire! 🙂

  10. oh what a beautiful layout! 🙂

  11. I just wanted to say thank you for posting the link to that list, it is so wonderful and just what I needed. Love the wintery layout, it’s great to remember how different things are around the world.

  12. Hmm, winter.I am in Germany, and for us its summer time.Btw, does it snow in Australia??. Your new winter theme is awesome.Enjoy.

  13. Love the new layout, and thanks for the link to the list.
    Raj – yes it does snow in Australia, only a few places though.

  14. Lovely new layout, Claire! btw, Keri’s list, though wonderful, only lists 10 ways, not 100. 🙂

  15. woops! so it does! Quick correction.

  16. Love the new layout! For a second I thought I’d clicked on the wrong link. *G*

  17. Winter?
    Oh hang on. June can be winter elsewhere.

    Sorry I got stuck in my own little world again.

  18. thank you for your wonderful lovely diary!

  19. Do you still have any CafeShops Loobylu mug for sale? I’d love to buy one…

  20. I alternately love it and hate it when you redesign. Love the new one….will miss the old one!

  21. this has nothing to do with this post but i found this ( amazing ebay seller the other day and she has some amazing japanese books on making felt dolls and i instantly thought of you because of the dolls you’ve made. you can click on the listings and see a lot of pictures from the books and get a ton of inspiration!! i thought i should mention this to you since you seem to be into doll making! and no, this is no spam and i do not know this seller personally or anything, so i am not trying to find customers for her. xo izan

  22. I love the new look…that background is great!