Illo capers part I

A few days ago one of my favourite clients asked me to do an illustration for an article on a topic close to my heart – knitting! So, having a bit of fun with the picture, I decided to include my good knitting buddy Suzette (I often include people I know in illustrations for unsuspecting clients… just for some kind of very basic thrill). I sent her a copy of it just after I sent it off to the Creative Director with a note saying “hey look! You’re going to be in a magazine!”.

She emailed me back and said: “The editor will probably respond asking you to change the one with the green eyes 😉 He he.”

I got an email back from the creative director this morning saying “one thing the editor mentioned was whether we could include a man in there as well? I though perhaps you could alter the woman in red pants/blue shirt to a bloke..”. So while Suzette is having on of the most awful days I also had to tell her over the phone that I have to turn her into a bloke. Sorry Suze!

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11 Responses

  1. Yes, extremely cute. I don’t suppose I could get his number..?

  2. Never did I think that one day I’d be reading “Loobylu” to find out about a creative director ordering a sex change to a traumatised woman, without her consent, so that men who love to knit wouldn’t feel ostracized.
    Bravo for everyone all acted in a dignified and respectful manner regarding the situations and conversations which took place here.

    (Don’t mind me..I’m in a silly mood.)

  3. Ha ha ha! At least he’s a pretty handsome bloke!!!

  4. claire – have you met darren yet? that’s so funny – it looks just like him, and he’s our main s’n’b guy knitter, along with his wife tina. unfortunately, he has no single brothers who knit…i checked!

  5. says:

    claire, have you ever tried searching “vintage lilly pulitzer” on ebay? i am having a ball…it’s just like window shopping, except there is even less temptation (i have $3.97 in my account currently).
    i thought you might appreciate it.


  6. LOL Well Suzette, I guess the upside is that you can now tell the tale of when you were once ‘nearly’ in a magazine hahah.

  7. Don’t you just love creative/art directors and their “direction”? Very funny story.

  8. Typical. Art directors, “equal opportunity” hoopla, etc. etc. I’ve had to change the races of characters, put characters into wheelchairs, deleted children from scenes if they messed up the proportion of white to black to red to purple… it’s all so silly. And your guaranteed to get it wrong the first time no matter how politically correct you think your art is.
    Love the piccies of Amelia, especially the one at worm’s eye view… it shows how big and magical the flowers look from her angle. Neat.

  9. says:

    As the Creative Director in question, I must also apologise to Suzette who had to undergo the sex-change withour her consent. Had I known this image was based on a real person I would definately have been open to any of the other characters in the Illustration being altered. Creative Knitting magazine attracts many male knitters and, far from making ‘politically correct’ creative decisions for the sake of it, felt the mere male knitter was unduly ignored! Well done Claire for so gracefully fulfilling the brief without making us feel quilty!

  10. Phew…lucky no one said anything too rude about creative directors… Actually, the WORST clients are the ones who have a personal project for which the money comes out of their own pocket. Nothing is EVER right first time for them…Let’s hope this client of mine doesn’t read loobylu too…