Couldn't get up in the morning

Autumn will always be my favourite season. When I was a little girl I liked Autumn because it meant my birthday was coming and there was nothing better than a birthday. Now that I am a little beyond that (although not completely) I like Autumn for the leaves and the chill in the air. There is nothing I like better than a heavy, dark sky promising rain. We have had a few days like that in the last week and Amelia seems to like them too. She looks up at the sky and says “RAIN!”. Currently her favourite song is “It’s raining, it’s pouring” – she especially likes the bit where the old man bumps his head.

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  1. says:

    Great photos and what a beautiful little girl. Nice plants too – wish my sedum looked like that! If only it would really bucket down with rain though.

  2. Your daughter is adorable! She looks so inquisitive.
    It’s funny to hear about Autumn when Spring has just arrived here in SoCal. I’m even more eager for Summer to arrive!

  3. says:

    she IS adorable.
    ditto on the love of autumn…

  4. There is nothing like a nice down pour! At this very second we are getting the lightest of light drizzling rain. Very disappointing.
    Amelia is absolutely gorgeous. A real cutie.

  5. If only I had a tin roof in my bedroom…..nothing like a rainy night to go to bed.
    And Amelia is cute…but you already know that.

  6. How beautiful little girl she is, Claire!! She couldn’t be different with such lovely parents! 🙂

  7. amelia is getting so big! and completely adorable – as ever!

  8. says:

    oh she’s so adorable! i can just imagine her singing while prancing in the garden.

  9. Heh. Kids love a bit of blood and gore, don’t they?

  10. Too funny! It is autumn in your part of the world, hahaha. Here in Toronto I saw the very first leaves appear on my neighbour’s tree only yesterday. My tree is still hibernating. Your daughter is real pretty.

  11. My, How she’s grown…and she’s such a beauty! I love the inquisitive look on her face. You can tell just from the photos and the set of her brow that she has a strong little personality all her own! Darling!

  12. That little dumpling is soo cute!I love autumn too…my birthday season, but it is spring here in toronto, and thank god, I feel like we just had the coldest grayest winter yet. Bring on the foliage.

  13. Amelia is such a beautiful little girl!

  14. says:

    Lovely plants! When I was a kid, my favorite parts of autumn were always new school supplies and the promise of Halloween candy.

  15. autumn is my favourite season too, because like you my birthday was in autumn (when i lived in australia) but also because of the promise of beech leaves turning a lucious red, and golden yellow colour. but i tell you what, after spending a couple of very cold, long dark winters here in new england, spring, with it’s melting of the snow, it’s warm sun, and it’s reviving colours is coming in a very very close second.

  16. Ohh My Gosh!!! she is so adorable!Beutiful photos!

    PS: I love Spring and Fall the most!

  17. That’s one cute little girl!

  18. says:

    Claire, Amelia is soo BEAUTIFUL! Having followed your blog since your pregnancy, I knew she was a cute baby, but WOW! she gets prettier by the day!
    But then cute parents = adorable kid. well, in many cases anyway 😉

    Autumn is a GREAT season. It seconds to Spring in my book. Actually, I think I love them both equally. It’s hard to compare the breeziness and flowers and newness of Spring with the Brisk air and festive spirit of Fall. I don’t REALLY envy people who live in places void of the changing seasons…

  19. She is just a cute little bean!

  20. says:

    i love autumn for the whole birthday thing too.. im not quite over getting excited about it though.your daughter is adorable!

  21. Autumn is a favourite of mine too. I love the large maple trees that line our street. Just your typical leafy clustered Melbournian street I guess.
    I’m a bit worried though because normally the rain should be bucketing down by late March/Early April. It seems that the weather is changing, more rain in the summer and less rain in the winter?

    Amelia J is so cute. You should teach her that song ‘A you’re Adorable’. Because she is. : )

  22. Aww.. she’s GORGEOUS.

  23. She’s the most adorable girl! Did you cut her hair yourself?

  24. says: