A Martha Moment

What to do when it’s raining outside and your little person has huge amounts of energy and wants to do something fun? A diorama of course! At the age of 18 months, a diorama is not going to be a beautifully thought out scene (like this and this and errr, these), it’s more likely to be covered in sticky tape and glue and texta colour and be a heavily guided activity. I found photos of things she recognises and she attached them to a pulled apart cardboard box box with wads of sticky tape. While I was furiously cutting things out of Burke’s Backyard Magazine, (to demands of “MO! MO!”) she decorated the scene with her pot of felt tip pens. Aint it grand?

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32 Responses

  1. amanda@gawow.com says:

    I dig it! Nice work, Amelia and fast-thinking mom!

  2. Early stages of an artist! It’s in her veins, art flowing!Truly priceless! Are you going to frame it?

  3. Just read the write-up in the green guide ..congrats!! You deserve it as well as the blog awards!(And I find that there’s a lot more than just tales of domestic bliss here, but the positive energy you exude is certainly one reason I always check in!)

  4. I also popped in to congratulate you on the Green Guide mention, well deserved indeed. And the cut and paste artwork is wonderful too!*grin*

  5. lawgirlrlh@aol.com says:

    gorgeous!!! i love kiddy art! a fabulous job by both of you! 🙂

  6. very creative, amelia! rainy day activities for littlies are so hard to think up, esp. when all i usually want t do is curl up with a cup of tea and a good book.

  7. You are the mama extraordinaire! What a lucky girl to have such a creative, engaged mom.

  8. Wow! Now that is an inspiration! High-five to Amelia J!!Betcha she’ll want to do “Mo!” of them now!

  9. Wonderful work, and so creative! What fun, growing up with such creativity!

  10. Beautiful job! She’s super talented and creativie, just like her mommy.

  11. i want claire to be my mummy, i wanna make dioramas, i already made a weird little rabbit…

  12. reidfamily@pacific.net.au says:

    We must have been diorama-ing together! Beth is three and a half and at the moment she glues down anything that doesn’t move to a box. So much so that we ran out of clag so I spent my day cutting pieces of sticky tape while breastfeeding Alice (four months and far too young to diorama yet). This morning we have had a trip to the Warehouse for pipe cleaners, wooden pegs, googly eyes, fluoro pom poms and more glue and we have had a lovely time making wooden peg dolly’s with all my old fabric scraps as dresses. Who needs a house full of expensive art works when you can have a home full of kiddy art.

  13. marrijenospam@eend.nl says:

    You’re on a roll, Ms Claire! And Ms Amelia, too, of course. Well done.

  14. you’ve inspired me.
    Franklin and I are now covered in sticky glue, sparkles, happy face stickers, paint and cut out from ikea…

    we both need a nap time now

  15. a diorama! why of course. i had forgotten about this since i last made one in, say, grade 6? thanks for the inspiration. its one more activity now on my own little person’s list.

  16. rain354@aol.com says:

    ooooh, I wish I hadn’t clicked the taxidermy (sp.?) link while I was reading about Possum Magic (which, by the way, celebrates its 21st birthday today! http://www.scholastic.com.au/PossumMagic/ )

  17. who@me.com says:

    18-month-olds can glue?wow. i never knew.

  18. ahh – no she can’t glue, but she can stick sticky tape like nobody’s business!

  19. snootie_little_cutie@hotmail.com says:

    i love the blog, and i love the gorgeous diorama! i found out about this site in the Age newspaper’s Green Guide, and thought i might check it out cos i love to knit!

  20. This is so inspiring. We’re about to have a week of nothing but rain, and my 18-month-old is going to need some activities–it’s diorama time! Or else I start drinking heavily during the day. Or both.

  21. Hello… this is my first blog visit ever! (I saw the write up in the Green Guide)What a great introduction. Very inspiring and entertaining.(I even ordered Stitch’n Bitch from Amazon. Gotta make that Kittyville Hat too!

  22. How adorable! When I do crafts like this with Pria we use glue. Lots of glue. When it dries on her skin it looks like she has some terrible disease. Is there anything cuter than a 3 year old holding out her hands saying “Ewww, flesh-eating virus!”?

  23. Extremely cute…

  24. A genuine piece of art the diorama! Let’s see, cars, flowers, shoes, well places marker scribbles! … and a puppy! Young children are genuine artists, aren’t they.I recently discovered loobylu – hope you dont mind I put a link to you on my link page.

  25. ahhh … really artistic ^^

  26. That is art. Plain and beautiful.

  27. green guide, and you’re famous in internet.au mag too – reader websites? since when were you reading internet.au, eh? 😉

  28. Oh no!! that’s pretty funny… I haven’t read it in years!

  29. robbiew@mira.net says:

    Have just been reading the Blog section in last week’s Green Guide (prompted by a segment on Mondo Thingo) and thought I’d check out the site as I love to knit. Love the diorama – guess what I’ll be doing on Monday with my 4-year old nephew!