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There is a blog I like to visit which is written in Portuguese. I can’t understand a word of it but I can look at her photos and from her photos I can tell that I would have a lot in common with Rosa. Some times I want to read what she is saying so I copy and paste it into Babel Fish and often end up being even more intrigued by the translation. Today it reads:

“disarmed f., that already does not give account of the message, that already does not wash nor clean, that it does not have domiciliário support of the mercy because the son sabotaged all my efforts. f., that says badly of the neighbors for the coasts, that lie down perdigotos, that fear puts me, that beats in the cat. f. touches me it the door and says that wool of a nightgown sobrou it that made for the great-granddaughter pulls of a plastic bag and shows to the acrylic color of rose bebé tricotado in rice point: ó pink m’na, is to see? thus I make one for almonds of and what she is that gives more skill to it, one camisolinha or one casaquinho?”

I told you! Intriguing! What can it all mean?

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  1. Google does a nifty job of translating entire webpages so you don’ t have to do the cut and paste thing in BabelFish.
    Just search in google, in this case you can type: “ervilhas weblog” and when it finds the page, it will give you the option to translate the entire thing to english.

  2. says:

    Ha! I know what you mean about the doll..I love scrolling down to look at the long-armed one!!! I crack up every single time.. he’s just so..goofy! And such a cheeky grin on his face! But what makes it even more hilarious is the desription of it’s creation by Claire! I laugh every time…actually, I burst into a gleeful fit of giggles!! I love it.
    That translation of rosa’s blog rocks!! It’s almost like poetry!

  3. Hi Claire,
    Thank you for your kind words. I too think we have a lot in common (I just wish I could use photoshop like you do…). I’ve been a fan of yours since the streetlog.

    This particular post was about an old lady who is my neighbour (and a little bit scarry). For a number of reasons I don’t like her very much. We don’t see each other very often, but the other day she knocked at my door saying she was knitting a sweater for my daughter and this made me feel very sorry for her in her old age and lonelyness…

  4. I have a favourite blog which is in french and I too love to read it but don’t understand a word… The language itself is so beautiful it is like listening to a song melody or something. But maybe I will try to translate it too.

  5. Oh, how wonderful! Claire reads Rosa and Rosa reads Claire–and comments!
    Rosa’s blog does indeed share a sensibility with Loobylu. Look at the lovely felted doll…

    I wish I read Portugese, but I won’t let that stop me. I’m already reading Swedish and Norwegian blogs, though I can’t really read those either.

    Intriguing, indeed!

  6. Rosa, the old lady beats her cat? I don’t like her already…

  7. says:

    Ahhh, a lingua portuguesa e tao linda! Parabens a Loobylu – acho que muito legal as pessoas quem querem tentar a entender duma outra lingua e duma outra cultura. O mundo precisa mais das pessoas como voce, pensar “afora da caixa”. Sou norte-americano, moro em Texas. Vou me casar com a minha querida brasileira Reila no dia 8 de maio. Tenho que muita saudades dela.. 🙁 mas, os dias estao andando rapido! 🙂 Gente, fica feliz – estou fechando agora, ja falei muito pra um homem norte-americano!

  8. hmmm. wow.

    1. claire has gone to an extraordinary amount of trouble to create a fascinating alter-ego


    2. this is just further proof that the doppleganger theory does exist.

    claire and rosa – i suggest you never meet because you could end up going crazy from meeting each other (that happens in movies and stuff you know)

    what else have we learnt?

    that babel fish is basically useless.

  9. Claire-Maybe this is an obnoxious American thing, but my personal favorite translating site is
    It also will translate the entire site. Best to try it on English. I love your dolls, your site, and your drawings. Thanks!

  10. Haha! CNN in Snoop Dogg language is fun!! 🙂

  11. says:

    Hi Claire, congrats on the auction, will you make your fortune in felt? (wondering)

  12. Eerie! i got seriously weirded out by the doll until i did some reading…

  13. I love your blog, and your little cute drawings! That was a great tranlation, you did use a program right?? I love your pictures so much, you are so artistic. <3

  14. wow! felted dolls a la claire and rosa are soooo fantastic. i’d love one for my kiddies.

  15. Oh my gawsh, your little doll sold for how much? My goodness. Time to start that great artsy studio with lots of girls in cute short haircuts knitting and sewing and drawing and painting creative things… like your dolls! Maybe Rosa can come work with you?

  16. I’m glad you mentioned Babelfish–I’ve been looking for something to help translate Blogs in foreign languages. (I also translated my own into German, which made it seem very exotic and interesting.. since I don’t actually know any foreign languages.) Thank you:)

  17. I love her blog I understand a little bit because I speak spanish and is very similar. She has cute dolls!

  18. I always feel bad when I get to a foreign blog and can’t read whatever it says. I feel like there was a reason I got to that webpage and I should be able to read it. Makes me sad.