Knit it

Well, I’ve ordered a copy of Stitch’n Bitch and I await for its arrival with much anticipation. Knitting will bring a new dimension to my “year of the homemade gift”– as I am sure that by the time Christmas comes around, everyone will be tired of weird felt dolls and jars of chutney (as delicious as it may be).
If I can knit Bobble Leaf Scarves for next winter I will be everyone’s best friend! (via sew happy).

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14 Responses

  1. haha ! not likely kath — or should I say, I will if you will 😉

  2. says:

    I can only hope the recipients of your ‘Bobble Leaf’ scarf appear a little more enthusiastic and less shell-shocked than the woman modeling the masterpiece to be!
    From a concerned Canadian who, incidently, is still wearing scarves (although not Bobble-ized) since it’s still pretty darn nippy outside!

  3. that’s great! I can already assure you that you will love the book. I bought it and I just wish I had more time to knit. I want to make the skull sweater but it may be a bit too ambitious. We’ll see.

  4. Knitting is great, although I must admit I personally prefer crochetting. And handmade scarves are the best gifts!

  5. I knit and crochet scarves, but I haven’t seen any as cool as those bobble leaves so far! What a great gift idea.

  6. “Stitch ‘n Bitch” is a WONDERFUL, fun, well-written, and super quirky book! Enjoy and good luck!

  7. you should definitely consider coming to the stitch ‘n’ bitch meetups in south yarra – last wednesday of every month. we had over 20 people last time (indluding kylie and me), oohing and aahing over yarn and books and stuff. very decadent and very fun.

  8. Have fun with the knitting – I don’t know how much you’ve done in the past but it’s a great hobby.
    That said, if I had someone in my family who made (as you put it) “Weird felt dolls” as gifts, I’d probably not get tired of receiving them.

  9. says:

    STITCH N’ BITCH ROCKS! It’s SUCH an awesome book and has the greatest patterns!! You’re SO gonna love it!!! I know I do…

  10. says:

    I want to see you in the crochet shorts 🙂

  11. yay! it’s an awesome book. seconding erin’s comment, and should you need a hand with anything, (planning on the wonder woman bikini??) do let me know. teva durham (loop-d-loop) is putting a knitting book out – perhaps with that scarf pattern – let you know when it’s out.

  12. I know you’ll love the Stitch n Bitch book! And not just because I’m biased about it, either 🙂
    Have fun knitting!

  13. I’ve just discovered knitting and am loving it. I also like the Rowan Babies book for really nice patterns that can each be made from 0-5 years. So my son can wear the sam ejumper for five years, it will just get progressively better! I hope! Have fun.

  14. Hey what a coincidence! I just received my copy of Stitch ‘n Bitch yesterday! You’ll love it, I’m sure!