A few post-weekend notes

Happy 1st birthday (for yesterday) little James!

This weekend I grumped along to see Lost in Translation dragging my feet and complaining about the crappy seats. I came out sniffing the delicious summer breeze and walking lightly back to the car. What an absolute dreamlike gem. Charlotte (badly captured below) and Bob are my new favourite onscreen couple eclipsing Harold and Maude, Holly and ‘Fred’ and Harry and Sally.

We took Amelia J to the zoo on sunday. She loved the elephants and spent a good ten minutes pointing and making elephant noises. She was also quite impressed with the giraffes. The beautiful baby giraffe Tanzi also seemed quite impressed with Amelia and came over to have a good look at her. Maybe it was a mutual appreciation of fabulous eyelashes. There is no sight finer than seeing a baby giraffe playfully chase away two ostriches (except perhaps seeing it in the wild).

Note to self: Do NOT make Ainsley’s “foolproof falafel” again – they disintegrate in the pan – why didn’t I remember this from last time? Sunday night we ate falafel crumble held together with hommus and yogurt. I pity the fool.

Sketchbook update: 2 moleskines – both pocket sized, one drawing paper for doodling, one squared paper for designs – for textiles and what-not. I am loving them. Thanks for the advice!

Illustration news: Mordicai Gerstein wins the Caldecott Medal with his book The Man Who Walked Between the Towers. The book sounds wonderful, and the snippets of illustrations I have seen on the web look breath-taking.”With its graceful majesty and mythic overtones, this unique and uplifting book is at once a portrait of a larger-than-life individual and a memorial to the towers and the lives associated with them.” – School Library Journal, November 2003

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20 Responses

  1. piscesrising@mac.com says:

    i just saw that about M Gerstein on the local news because he lives in my town! COOL! wow, so many cool people live in my town.

  2. amymlehr@yahoo.com says:

    Wow..that trailer for “Lost in Translation” is excellent! This one is on my “must-see” list for sure!I agree..what a pretty & subtle version of “Charlotte”!

    Has anyone seen “Big Fish” yet? That’s another one I’ve gotta see..

  3. dogsbarking@hotmail.com says:

    where did you get your moleskins?

  4. Borders! They weren’t cheap but they had a good range there.

  5. amymlehr@yahoo.com says:

    Ooh..yes, the Towers book looked quite interesting. Saw it at Borders just before Christmas, but haven’t had a chance to inspect it…was on the go at the time.

  6. simon@redfireengine.net says:

    Mmmm… Moleskine. So good.
    If you’re in Sydney, Bristol & Brooks has them (in Chifley Tower, CBD) and they’re cheaper than Borders.

  7. chloe@waferbaby.com says:

    In Sydney on the North side, top3 has them, and theyre a damn cool shop. http://www.top3.com.auAnd you’d be supporting local buisness…

  8. I’ve never seen Lost In Trainslation..

  9. I was a bit resistant to Lost in Translation I thought The Virgin Suicides not as good as everyone said but I was bowled over last night.

  10. jennifervallez@yahoo.com says:

    not sure if pop-up books interest you, but, my daughter sophie just got alice’s adventures in wonderland pop-up and it is amazing! i only let her look at it from afar (she is not quite two!) but, mom loves it! haven’t seen a pop-up book quite like it.

  11. I also carry two moleskines with me… one has lines and thin paper (I use a fine pen for that) and the other one is the pocket sketchbook… using an M nib here…It feels so silly to obsess so much about a particular brand of a book… … but they are so cute, aren’t they?… I actually got a graph-paper one yesterday… oh well… they need to ripen for several months before I have the courage to draw or write in them.
    I have also not seen lost in translation, but I think the picture of Charlotte is beautiful…
    I really love the subtle textures in your work. It is all very, very beautiful.
    (sorry for this long comment…)

  12. Mordicai Gerstein lives in my town. Very cool. I will have to keep an eye out for him.

  13. Thanks Witold :). My molskines are slowly filling with witold-like drawings — I am trying so hard to do my own thing but you are too much of an influence! Thank goodness I am not using a mont blanc or you could get me for copyright infringement.
    Also, great interview with Sophia Coppola about Lost in Translation on IndieWire via Meredith (invisibleshoebox.blogspot.com): http://www.indiewire.com/people/people_030923coppola.html

  14. you just made me blush. (blush.)(happy)
    (witold is clearly happy and speechless.)

  15. What kind of pen/pencil do you guys use with moleskines? I just ordered one online because of the discussion here, but I don’t want to carry around a whole bunch of different pens and pencils to use for sketching/writing random things down.

  16. I am just using some cheap waterproof felt tip pens with very fine tips (.1 and .3) — when I get my stuff out of storage I am going to try my good drawing pens… but that will have to wait.

  17. I saw Lost in Translation last night and was totally blown away. I read on somebody’s site recently that the finally scene in this movie where Bill Murray is riding in the cab with “Just like Honey” by Jesus and Mary chain playing in the background is absolutely wonderful. I understand now…
    “everyone wants to be found”. Perfectly captures the movie in a single phrase.

  18. Witold, I second what Claire said about your drawings. I love them and I’m enjoying playing with the method too.

  19. i’ve just recently been experimenting with felafel recipes and have cobbled one together from various online versions a bit of personal preference. i’ve posted it here : http://www.dwyersrestaurant.com/cd/recipes/000605.html and while it’s not as good as the ones from the souvlaki king on brunswick street, [sniff, i miss melbourne and it’s souvlakis], it’s better than any i’ve had since being back in ireland!

  20. Anyone know where I can find more information?