Brown paper packages tied up with string

Favourite things for today:Rain! Anoushka Matus (thanks Christine!), salty mozzarella, mini-ipods, Amelia’s stripey leggings, this interview with Witold, the Toronto skyline in this time-lapse movie (thanks Caterina), hearing Amelia and her Great Grandma taking it in turns to say “OOOH!” in the other room, a tidy desk, a full sketch book and a new pin up board.

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8 Responses

  1. says:

    Mini ipods! Yes please! Thank you for passing on the hope (I mean rumour;)

  2. tidy desk? god i wish i could say the same thing. Happy New Year!

  3. oh… (happy new year… happiest…)

  4. says:

    happy new year.I’been a fan of Anoushka seen s a while isn’t she great?
    I really love her drawings some how they make me happy.

  5. you’re more than welcome, miss claire. i’m happy you’re enjoying anoushka’s lovely little illustrations.
    happy new year! xo.

  6. Hello, this is way off topic, but I just had to say that this is an absolutely lovely site! You are awesomely talented! Good luck with the new year. =)

  7. i want a pink mini-ipod! anja its not a rumour. go to

  8. I thought a topic like this would definitely inspire many bloggers. At least more than nothing. Bad luck there is noone here