Four years??!!

Four years ago today I wrote my first loobylu journal entry. At the time it was in a secret diaryland account which I only shared with a couple of friends and some other folks who stumbled upon it. Little did I know that I was starting something that would change my life. I know that sounds a little dramatic, but keeping this site has lead to so many interesting, exciting and amazing things, people and projects over the last few years. If you are thinking about starting a web site and are wondering if it would be worth the effort I can tell you with much enthusiasm that it definitely is.
Here is what loobylu first looked like when I drew her / me a month or so after starting my site:

Since then she’s grown a little taller and looks a lot happier.

Some things from the past:
A 3D loobylu
The streetlog
20 things
Action figures

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54 Responses

  1. says:

    Happy birthday! You’re an inspiration to all of us trying to make a creative career happen.

  2. I’d forgotten about the street log – what a great project.

  3. Wonderful site! I’m glad I found you. I look forward to enjoying more of loobylu in the future. Cheers!

  4. Woah those action figures are awesome!

  5. says:

    Thank you for sharing your lovely life and your lovely artwork with us! You are so talented.
    By the way, I recently brought your 1-2-3-4 girl mug to the office and it is the most sought-after mug in the kitchen. I thought of keeping it all to myself, but I get kick out of seeing it pop up on other people’s desks, a little sunray in our otherwise gray office. Everyone needs a little Loobylu in their day!

  6. hi claire! i am so happy that you decided to get on the web way back when, and that you’ve continued to share your life and your fabulous drawings with all of us. it has been so fun watching it all develop. yay 🙂

  7. says:

    I stumbled upon your site 6 months ago and read it from cover to cover (so to speak!) And when I do start my own blog… I only hope to be as warm and welcoming as Loobylu!
    Youre gorgeous Claire! A magnetic personality that everyone draws comfort and joy from… the type of person everyone wishes they had for a friend! :)Congratulations and keep it up!!! 🙂

  8. Those action figures are precious! and i love the new layout! Yay for more colour!

  9. I really really liked the street log. I like the one with the rain and the old man best.
    (PS. good luck on house-hunting)

  10. Congratulations, Claire! I hope you keep gracing us with your wisdom, wit, and wonderful artwork for a long time to come.

  11. Congrats Claire!I was so inspired by your blog (and jealous of your artwork skills) when I started my own one. It’s a pleasure to visit Loobylu and catch up on your observations. Keep blogging… and living somewhere leafy is lovely.

  12. happy birthday, loobylu!
    i still remember you when you were a wee little lass at diaryland. now look at you. such a lovely lady.


    (if our websites were little girls, they’d be in the same class, hopefully friends!)

  13. says:

    I was just amazed by the action figures and thanks for the fun links!

  14. Aw, I miss the streetlog.
    Happy birthday,!

  15. Four years, wow! Congratulations.
    I loved the street log 🙂

  16. says:

    I remember that loobylu!
    And I loved the street log, still miss it!

  17. Wow! Four years, Claire! See, I was always under the impression that you’d been doing this since the dawn of time or something. It’s wonderful.
    And I too love the streetlog – gorgeous! That would make such a superb book if you could peddle it to someone.

    Happy B day.


  18. says:

    Happy Birthday, Loobylu! Maybe when you get your new house, you can start another street log. I enjoyed seeing that! And those dolls, ahem, action figures, those are precious. Thank you for gracing us with your art.

  19. Wow. That’s strange. My diaryland account turned four years old last month, although I didn’t remember until yesterday, when I did my annual retrospective entry. Oh, and I loved the streetlog. It’s always fun to look at random people and think, okay, what’s his/her story?

  20. Claire, you are a rare talent. The streetlog is priceless.
    My Dad, who only has limited time online, has ditched my blog in favour of yours! Can’t argue about that of course – entirely understandable ; )

    Here’s to another four years – Hip hip hooray!

  21. I am a new visitor, but ihave to say i am glad you started to blog all those years ago : )
    abs x

  22. looby’s past is colorful and bright but the current is even better! the future will glow cometh 2004! 🙂

  23. Hppy Anniversary Claire!
    O, so I’m not the only one who you inspired to start their own blog! Still no one can match Loobylu’s fresh charm! Here’s to the next four years of the incomparable Claire and her delightful little alter ego!

  24. Oopps… forgot a letter there! Hmmm…since it’s a day of celebration, I’ll give you a choice of vowels… a,e,i or u. Happy, Heppy, Hippy, Huppy Anniversary!

  25. I love and miss the street log too! You’re great and your personality just overflows from your site. You encouraged me to keep illustrating and you gave me nudges along the way. I thank you for your time and your presence on the net!

  26. Congratulations, Claire!
    For three of those four years, you’ve been a regular part of my morning ritual… a delight and an inspiration.

    Keep up the great work!

  27. Here’s to another four years 🙂

  28. Congratulations! I love your blog and would love to see the street log continued. Did you make those action figures?

  29. Happy Happy Day, Loobylu! The joy you have brought to so many thousands of people in these four years is overwhelming. You have such a gift, not the least of which is your outlook and your candidness, and that you choose to share it in this forum is a sincere treat for us all.Rock on, sister!

  30. says:

    I’m relatively new to Loobylu…but you’ve become a regular part of my morning. Tea in hand I check through my favorite sites, and yours is one of them! Happy B-day! Your art and point of view are thoroughly charming.

  31. Happy Birthday Loobylu! I’ve been a faithful reader of this site since it went from diaryland to dot com. You are an amazing person and a fantastic inspiration!

  32. says:

    wow 4 years! thank you for sharing part of your life with us. it’s been fun. =)

    ps- i miss the streetlog too!

  33. says:

    Claire-I love how your work and illustration has blossomed and grown. It’s amazing to see the before looby & the now looby. It’s so inspiring!

  34. says:

    Hey Claire, Happy Blog Day! It’s still inspiring me to continue in the creative arena. I also love the Street Log and think that a publishing opportunity has been missed. While I like the new illustration style, I do miss your original illustration style.

  35. thanks folks! kind words. 🙂 I like the street blog too. I no longer look out onto a busy main road, but perhaps I will do something similar with folks I meet on my daily (ahem … yes they will be daily in 2004) walks.

  36. I’ve always been a quiet observer, and have observed now for roughly two years.Loobylu has always been an inspiration for many a blog I’ve owned.

  37. So cool…all things!Happy Anniversary*:)

  38. You don’t know meand I don’t know you although
    I’ve been reading your blog for about three years.

    I have a list of fantastic sites that I check in on everyday and yours is one of them.

    You are an inspiration, your work and your love of illustration.

    I am a graphic designer too.


  39. It’s been lovely watching her / you change and grow – thanks for sharing. Q: do you see your own inner journey reflected in the changing pictures of Loobylu?

  40. I felt that exact same way when I hit 4 years.
    “Four years? Four years?” – Meryl Streep in Out of Africa. . .

    It’s amazing how far you’ve come. Here’s to the next four! 😉

  41. How cool.
    You have come in such a long long way. Such wonderful achievements. More power to you, ma’am

  42. happy four years!
    it struck me today, when i was cleaning and found the sticker i got with your cards, why the summer design looked oddly familiar when i saw it for the first time the other day.. 😉

  43. Lov the pictures of loobylu.

  44. says:

    Hey Claire,I am Agnes From Hong Kong. I knew Beatrice and once I saw your website in her link page.

    Your page attracts me to read. Your deisng and drawings are all wonderful which never make me leave your page.

    Keep it up! You are so successful.

    Besides, Would you mind telling me how could you start this “diary”?
    I would like to have one also.

    Send me an email if you feel free.

    Looking forward

  45. Congrats!Amazing what one little website can do hey? 🙂
    Great to see fellow Aussies creating and being passionate!

  46. Hi Claire,This is the first time ive commented on ur blog, but ive been an avid follower since 2000 when I started blogging. Ur a great inspiration to me & all my friends! And I absolutely love your new banner!

  47. I know I’m a bit late, but happy anniversary and more power to you! BLOG ON!P.S. Good luck with the house hunting thing…trees parks and birds are good things!

  48. this spot is really a gem on the net. A little gem. I still love it, ever since I discovered it a longggg while ago.

  49. ms lu i have read your pages, occassionally, but persistenly, since sometime in 2000 when i was slogging through the long afternoons of an honours year. i first found you when i was looking at vintage fabrics and avoiding the theories of place that i set out to see. i’ts been so, so lovely, each time i have to do some excruciating task on computer, just flicking over for a little look here. it makes me a little more human again. so thanks so much and congrats on the new design, the textured airy background lifts the site so high in the summer sky, best wishes to you and baby

  50. says:

    Oh Claire…four years? That is such an incredibly long time…I still remember our first correspondences. I have moved such a long way away from Loneranger -> I wonder what she’d be like now if I was still writing her!It’s been a real pleasure to watch Loobylu (and you) grow.

  51. I found your site from another link. You are a very talented artist.
    The graphic on your home page is so clever. I love the colors and the way it flows.

    Keep up the good work!