And the living is easy

Ugh ! Time for a new entry so that scary doll face isn’t staring at me from the top of the page every time I look at my site.
Today is one of those incredible Melbourne Summer days that starts off fresh and cool and clear and by afternoon words like “shimmering” and “thick” and “bloody parched mate” spring to mind (in fact close your eyes for a moment and imagine you’re on a Greek Island!). There was a cicada shell on Big-P’s car tire this morning. Watermelon tastes really good. Summer is rocking in.

Last night I went out to dinner and then to a bar (joy of joys!) with Small and Special-K. A sparkling vodka and tonic in the smokey, dim, groovy-retro style-lamp light was a sight to behold. We chinked glasses and talked about the kiddies and our careers and the potential futures for us all. We were ready for bed by 10pm but I was so impressed that I could go out and behave like a normal person that my heart was racing with excitement until 12 while I tried to get to sleep – sad but true. Still Being hyped by the experience this morning, I pitched the idea of a regular evening get together to the girls at Mother’s Group – sans babies – and was greeted with huge excitement, much more than the suggestion of the Harold Holt Swimming Pool or the Collingwood Children’s Farm ever got. Shouts of Wooohoo! and Whipeee! filled the playground.

Things I noted last night while trying to be young and hip; 1) a drinks bill now comes to the price of a small house in Camberwell, 2) Special-K is no longer the (only) cheap, can-can dancing drunk amongst us and 3) A bowl of Chicken Makhani followed by one drink and a short taxi ride home now rates as a “fabulous, big night out”.

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11 Responses

  1. I’ve lived in Melbourne for most of my 26.5 years of life, and I STILL wince every time I think of the Harold Holt Memorial Pool. I mean, WHY?
    I’m pretty sure Dallas doesn’t have a “JFK Memorial Rifle Range”…

  2. There must be something about turning thirty that does strange things to your liver! SO unfair.

  3. Don’t you think the people look quite phallic??

  4. Nah – definitely a kids cutlery set!! Tee hee.

  5. says:

    I love that illustration Claire! Oh hell, I’m childless but I don’t do that stuff anymore either. I used to be a smoker, but now I can’t stand the smoke in bars so I avoid bars and parties where people are smoking.

  6. Hi Loobylu! I like your journal! Harold Holt Pool…got to agree with Paul it is a strange name for a pool, considering ~ mmm, I did a HUGE belly-whacker from the diving tower there a LOOOOONG time ago. All Mothers definitely deserve time having fun “sans babies”

  7. says:

    Of course the flipside of drinks costing more is how few you need to get the same effect as you did from your pre-pregnancy days

  8. says:

    Oh Claire! I envy you that summer;)In my country winter cold is closer and closer…. 🙁
    and the days are so short 🙁

  9. Isn’t it funny- we crave being away without the ‘kiddies’ for an evening- and the entire time we are out, we talk about the ‘kiddies’? LOL.

  10. says:

    Just had to say your new design is so lovely. The winter blahs are just now settling over Oklahoma and your blue-skies art just makes me want to…flee to Australia!

  11. I would like to get more inofs about