Amelia J is ONE YEAR OLD! After much partying on the weekend (her first taste of chocolate cake and she was in heaven) we took ourselves off to visit the maternal and child health nurse for her 12 month check up. Pretty much all is well – she is a little short, but nice and chubby, with a HUGE head. Her language skills are very good (she has 8 + words when at 12 months 3 is good). She is happy and cheerful and doing all the normal things a one year old does… except crawl. So a letter has been sent to a physio and I wait for him to call and hopefully tell me what I already know – that she’s fine and that she is just taking a little longer to crawl than average. Hopefully he won’t tell me that I have to take her in for session after session of stretches and exercises at great trouble and great expense.
My holiday cards are only a few days away from going on sale but I am still waiting for the cellophane bags to pack them in. My phone call to the supplier yesterday went : “I was just wondering if you can tell me when you might have sent my cellophane bags, as I am worried that they’ve gone missing” — “Yes, they’ve been sent.” – “when??” – “Friday” – “oh ok, I thought you might have posted them on Wednesday when I ordered them so I was beginning to worry” – “well I went down to the post office and they had put them aside, so they were sent this morning.” — “Thismorning??” — “err no sorry, Friday” — yeah right.

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  1. Wow, A whole year. Gone… so fast!

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    happy little A! i’ve been mailing our pic from ditto to everyone!

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    Happy Birthday Amelia.
    Apparently crawling is a ‘developmental stage’ and many babies now go from sitting to walking without passing crawling (esp since they spend more time on their backs now than on their fronts).

    Don’t know if any of that is true or not but that’s what my friends with children say.

    PS, anyway we can see the designs for the cards soon?

  4. happy birthday!!! chocoalte… best medication for pretty much anything

  5. ooooh! Let me be the first to say hap, hap, happy first birthday Amelia J!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Amelia J! 🙂

  7. I hope Amelia had a wonderful 1st birthday! Best wishes.

  8. Hi Miss Amelia! Happy birthday to you- and welcome to the fine world of chocolate! 🙂


  10. Happ happ happyyy birthday from Canada!

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    Happy Birthday Amelia J! Your mommy’s journal is filled with so much sunshine. It is an inviting place to visit, I always leave filling like JOY has renewed me.

  12. Amelia j is indeed a very lucky girl. Every time I visit the site I can’t help but think that (and ooooh & ahhh over the adorable illustrations, of course). When I have children I hope I can be such a sweet & caring mom.

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    happy bithday little amelia j! love from s’pore! =)

  14. My Pie (now 15 months) never really crawled she went straight into walking. Her little playmate Jeremy is a month older and still only scoots about on his bottom prefering his mum to carry him everywhere.
    Sometimes babies are just happy where they are.
    Nothing to fret about all babies go at their own pace.

  15. Hauoli La Hanau to Amelia J!!!

  16. I tried to congratulate Amelia J on the exact day of her birthday (look at last post comments), but the time change fooled me!Anyway, happy birthday to you!

  17. Has it been a year already? Wow! Happy birthday Amelia!

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    The nice thing about your journal Claire, is that Ameilia is going to have this wonderful record of her entire life, which is going to make a wonderful present one day…And my mother always says to me that girls generally are late to get moving, and it usually means you’ve got a brainy baby.

  19. Just leave the chocolate cake within crawling distance.

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    Happy Birthday, Amelia!!

  21. Happy B-Day, Amelia J!

  22. Happy Birthday to the wee gal.

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    My daughter is 14 moths old and still can’t roll over, or sit up by herself. when i went for an eight month check up she was referred to a development center for an assesment and they checked her all over and concluded that she would in time catch up with everything she was just developing on a different path.

  24. happy birthday amelia j!

  25. Happy birthday Amelia J.! Wow, I can’t believe she’s one year old already… You’ll get /so/ much more sleep this year, Claire!

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    happy birthday to amelia j 🙂

  27. wow, so her vocab is nearly 300% above average! but my maths is about 675% below average.
    happy birthday amelia 🙂

  28. yay! happy bday amelia j! 😀

  29. Happy Birthday Amelia J! Now you have sampled the delights of chocolate cake there is no going back. Claire, perhaps if you place a piece of cake on one side of the room that will entice Amelia into crawling 🙂

  30. One year old – How very exciting for all of you!I suspect that AmeliaJ is aware that the quicker she gets on with the crawling/walking thing, the less she will be carried around like a sweet baby doll. It’s the same with the words “thank you” – once she learns them she can never go back; it will be expected of her.
    For what it’s worth, my mother says I skipped crawling altogether and didn’t walk until after my first birthday. (Not that you sounded worried, mind you)

  31. my ‘lil miss melissa (now 18 months old) crawled at almost 13 months and walked on her own about 10 days b4 18 months. like amelia, she’s quite advanced with her language and social skills. some babies walk early yet don’t say a thing until later. plus my baby’s doctor said crawling is not a developmental milestone like walking is. of course, you already knew it was nothing to worry about.
    Happy 1st Birthday, lovely Amelia J!

  32. that whole crawling thing with the bum is COMPLETELY normal. I did it as a child, whilst my twin did the crawling thing. A.J. is just doing her own thing. But happy bday to her 🙂

  33. Happy birthday, little one!

  34. OMG. One year already???? That’s so hard to believe! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AMELIA!!!!!

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    From a fan in California. Not to worry. My son (19) months didn’t start crawling until 14 months! And now he’s waddling around as a biped! 🙂

  36. happy birthday Amelia J! 🙂

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    HBTY, HBTY, HB… dear Amelia J… HBTY!!!And it’s important to realise that, once she does get truly mobile, she won’t stop (at least until she’s a teenager). It’s kinda nice when you both just sit there lookin’ at each other ‘cos one chooses to sit there and the other can’t do anything but!