Stick Insect Spring Activities

In a story that Disney – Pixar could bring to the screen: “The adventures of the world’s rarest insect took a jubilant turn yesterday, with a pair of stick-like, creepy-crawlies showing off their new baby at Melbourne Zoo.” The Age.
Along with the great photo of the new baby Lord Howe Island Stick Insect is a scary description of the traumatic birth that the poor mamma stick insect went through. My friend C (mother of two human babies) exclaimed “let’s hope she had private health insurance!”.

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15 Responses

  1. ‘… said the zoo’s invertebrates specialist, Patrick Honan. “We knew nothing at all about their biology.”‘
    Yeah, some invertebrates specialist YOU are, buddy…

  2. Have you any idea how many invertebrates there are? No, nobody does, there are only estimates. Remember, us kids with backbones are a serious minority on this planet, just cuz we’re relatively big and “cute”, doesn’t mean we’re all that counts. No person can know the biology of all invertebrates.

  3. I don’t know — they sound pretty spineless to me!

  4. I can’t believe they put a stick insect on a drip – must be hell finding a vein.

  5. says:

    uuuuuhhh…ok YAY for the stick bugs, but OHMYGOD THOSE THINGS ARE FRIGHTENING!!!


    Honestly, I kinda hope they repopulate, but not in a place I would EVER see them in the wild. {{shudder}}

  6. Claire I’ve just noticed Artist’s Way on your books. I’ve facilitated AW groups for the last 7 years so if you’ve got any questions ask away.
    Top tip get a cheepo ink cartridge pen for MP’s its a lot less strain on your hand!

    good luck


  7. says:

    Just wondering…. weren’t there stick-bugs (or something very close to them) in one of the Harry Potter books?

  8. yes, thank you, I know what a joke is, silly, but you’d be amazed at what people expect you to know when they find out you’re an entomologist.

  9. Certainly discovering more about their biology will help us when they are accidently radiated and become as big as Buses and threaten to take over the world…Wise study.

  10. says:

    Hey Claire, On the topic of card printing, why not invest in a GOCCO mesh printer like Lotta, at They’re inexpensive and you can also buy the stamp ink for cloth items.

  11. says:

    jojo, i think there was a stick bug in “james and the giant peach”. maybe that’s what you’re thinking of? anyway, sheesh, there are stick bugs all over north america, but compared to these, ours look like lovely emaciated waifs!

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  13. Lara> OMG, those things look nasty! Almost as bad as cockroaches!
    (but the itty bitty green one is sooo cute!)

  14. says:

    Marta (and all) > the little green baby one IS cute, but OHMYGOD!?!?!?!?

    (I know y’all saw this already…I’m just reminding you 😉 ick.)