Thai Soup Mama

On Saturday night Mum gave me a lesson in roasting chicken. She has a big old ceramic chicken cooker and it worked a treat. I now have a chicken carcase in the fridge waiting to turn into stock, but after watching JO cook a whole chicken in a thai soupy kinda thing and then serve it on noodles on tv last week I have decided to do something similar. Only problem is I have packed his books and I didn’t take notes of what he threw in the pot with the chicken. I know it had all the good tom kha gai basics but I seem to recollect him getting out some tamarind and using that too… or was that for something else. Does anyone remember? Maybe tamarind might make it a little sour?

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12 Responses

  1. That’s exactly it Kelly!

  2. Kelly, you’re a legend. Thanks.

  3. There is also this one which is more broth than noodle and chicken.
    Serves 4
    3 sticks lemongradd
    2 fingers crushed ginger
    6 kaffir lime leaves
    1.1 litres of chicken stock
    1-2 heapd tbls sugar
    4-6 tbls fish sauce
    juice 1-2 lemons
    2-3 large prawns (deschelled and butterflied)
    good handful of cori and basil
    garnish with chillies, red pepper and springers.

    Motar and pestle (with a really JO focused face) the lemon g, ginger and lime leaves. Place in pot with stock, bring to boil and simmer for 10mins. Ass sugar, fish sauce, lime juice to taste. It should be sweat, sour and salty. add prawns cook for 1 min. Remove prawns and divide between bowls top with herbs and garnish. Pour soup over them into the bowls.

    Make lots of Luvvly Duvvly, pukka, hand waving jestures and serve.

  4. do let us know how it turns out, i have been thinking about trying it out myself too. i’m not a big fan of sour, so if i made the soup i don’t think i’d use all that tamarind!

  5. i’m gonna have to make this… it sounds absolutely delicious!

  6. Ok – the stock is on the stove. I left out the tamarind… and have gone with something much more like what Ben suggested. We’ll see how it goes!

  7. Sounds delicious. Might have to get domesticated.

  8. There are few things one can learn that are more helpful than to cook various things without the aide of someone else.

  9. Gosh, it’s past midnight but you’re all making me crave chicken!

  10. Should try his chicken with herbs. Absolutely delicious. Don´t know where he gets those ideas from 🙂