Oh… on second thoughts

I have decided to go ahead and make some christmas cards to sell this coming October. One or maybe two designs, sold in packs of ten through paypal. This means that transactions will be in US dollars unfortunately – but it’s quick ‘n’ easy, and I’ll still work towards doing the real deal for early next year.
Also, My favourite Sbritt cover ever.

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30 Responses

  1. I’ll buy a heap of christmas cards!

  2. bella@phd3.coo.nz says:

    keen as mustard to purchase cards when they are up & running – are you able to advise me when they can be purchased?loved the pudding birds!!!!

  3. Well, I was thinking mid october — is that leaving it too late? I know I don’t send out my cards until much later than that… what do others do?

  4. That is so exciting! I always stress about Christmas cards…so this year I know exactly what I’m going to use 😉

  5. looloop@hotmail.com says:

    Hi Claire, good luck with the cards. I never send mine until New year so October is fine for me. We have the lurgy here in NZ too, usually it is called ‘the dreaded lurg’.I too spent all weekend in bed sick. Or crook!

  6. tiffanyhutton@indigoink.com.au says:

    I’ll buy some, although I’ll have to make some as well … I try to send mine out the first week of December, so mid-October is perfect. Do post when they’re ready!

  7. bella@phd3.co.nz says:

    is it playing fair to ask for a sneak preview of the two you have chosen claire? & will they be 5 of each in each pack?… to tell you the truth i have never sent xmas cards but when i saw the pudding birds i knew i was going to this year…thank s for your talents

  8. uh ohI had decided not to use the pudding birds… well I guess I might have to reconsider. Actually Bella, the reason why I can’t get them online sooner than October is because I am still working on the designs… and we’re talking very early stages, so unfortunately no sneak previews!

  9. RachelPixiedust@aol.com says:

    Oooh, Christmas cards – I would definitely buy them! Can’t wait to see them!

  10. Just to add something to your plate, I don’t usually send cards, but I DO attach gift tags to my presents, so I would find tags more useful!
    I don’t know much about printing / designing, but if it’s not too much more work to do tags as well as cards, that’s something else to consider.

    Good luck with the designs – I wonder whether they’ll be Winter Christmas or hot Australian Christmas based (or neither!).

  11. What sort of designs do you have in mind? Will you do any Christmas cards with a capital CH? I like a Nativity scene – and a Loobylu nativity would be particularly good. I’d love to see your update of that traditional image.
    Anyway, please do make some, however late. On past form, any time before about December 22 will be early enough for me…

  12. Claire, this would make me very, very happy!

  13. Ooh, that sounds fantastic!
    I don’t give my cards out ’til around mid-December, and I certainly don’t get given any much before that, so I’m sure October’s more than early enough for everybody.

    Are you just planning Christmas cards? It’d be great to have non-seasonal Loobylu cards to use throughout the year as well!

  14. ooh, exciting! i haven’t sent out holiday cards in forever, but i think loobylu cards would sufficiently inspire me to at least send out ten of them.
    it will probably be good to have a little test-run of how the shop will go. it’s kind of like research for your business plan!

  15. What a great way to make use of your talents Claire!
    Would we be able to order from Canada?

  16. As a daily reader of your weblog as well as a fellow artist, I would love to do some trade with you on christmas cards. I have been working on creating my work and art in the states.

  17. Lorraine, you will definitely be able to order them from Canada… that’s the joy of the internet afterall! The only limitation will be that you will need to buy them through paypal… and it will be a transaction done in US dollars but otherwise it’s all sweet.

  18. Claire, why don’t you try Paymate.com.au. Its Aussie and you get your cash back really quick. And there’s no limits on the fees like there are with Paypal – plus no exhange fees. *L*

  19. Looking forward to the cards!
    Re pricing, it’s not US dollars that’s the problem…. it’s US shipping!

  20. smtanner@ucdavis.edu says:

    loobylu xmas cards? WONDERFUL!!! but will they be strictly xmas or holiday oriented bc i dont celebrate xmas 🙂

  21. I would like to purchase some of your xmas cars when they are ready.

  22. todlevak@hotmail.com says:

    yea! count me in! is there a way we can sign up for notification? tho of course, i’m always checkin on here anyway….nevermind!

  23. blueflamingo@hybridangel.org says:

    Would love to buy cards, I usually send them out in Jan. So Oct will be fine. US$ are OK, as long as I don’t have to pay $10US shipping!!

  24. eelyshabai@hotmail.com says:

    I’m in for christmas cards too, and I don’t even celebrate!
    maybe gift tags will pop up next year? considering designing and printing and ordering, christmas isn’t really that far away…

  25. I hope that you will have an option for cards that are non-religious, and more “holiday/festivity” themed than “Christmas” themed…as not all of us are Christians.
    But then, you can’t please everyone. 🙂

  26. meg_d_woodsperson@yahoo.com says:

    october is early enough for me, as i send my christmas cards exactly on christmas day..wow! can’t wait! your cards will definitely be a fresh departure from the usual hallmark cards that i buy. :Doh, and do include those cute pudding birds please? *i’m now using my puppy eyes..and i’m on my knees*..but only if you still have time of course.

    btw, are these summer-y aussie xmas cards? or do you have the wintery kind for us here at the northern hemisphere?

  27. pixiemancuso@yahoo.com says:

    (delurking) I’d buy Loobylu holiday cards! (& I don’t even have the US$ problem, since I’m already IN the US.) I love yr site & love yr art!

  28. Put me down for an order of 40 or so.

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