Pushin' back

It’s cold, wet, Monday and I’m sick! I have Amelia’s lurgy (as we call it around here – “the dreaded lurgy”) and have spent the greater part of the weekend coughing and lying around on the couch demanding that Big-P bring me cups of lemon grass and ginger tea (more an antiseptic than a tea but it does the trick).
Last night while in an evening sick-person delirium, I spoke to Special-k who had just returned home from a Marketing Conference in Hong-Kong. She had sent us an email a few days back saying;
“I am having a great time. It is soo great to be surrounded by people who have similar interests – people who care about statistics, attrition, retention, return on investment etc” and I wasn’t sure whether she was being sarcastic or not, but it turns out that she was dead serious. And she was pumped. There was marketing lingo zinging over the phone lines. So I broached the topic of my BIG PROJECT with her for her advice.

My big project is nothing as amazing as writing a children’s book (although that is still in the BIGGER PLAN – meaning life – which is being chipped away at slowly) or having another baby (good lawd!). It’s the idea to launch an online loobylu shop. I was trying to get it all organised to have a series of Christmas / Season’s Greetings cards ready but I have run out of time as these would really need to be up and going by October and I am still trying to find time to work on the designs let alone create a shop design, find some printers, apply for a merchant account at the bank and find some way of accepting credit cards over the web. I was going to go with Paypal but it introduced a whole other level of complications and I still haven’t even got two designs ready to go.

So Special-K asked me the tricky question “Have you written your business plan yet?” (Something she and I had discussed way back in April.) “Nooo…” I had to whine “I haven’t had time!”. She explained that she wasn’t hassling me, just letting me know that if I had done my business plan I probably would have discovered earlier on that an October launch date was not going to be viable… and I wouldn’t be feeling so guilty and hassled right now. Ahh! Sweet soothing words! So I’m not a failure! It’s just an impossible task for one person who only has two days a week to spare! She offered her services once I had got some ideas for a business plan down (“a weekend workshop”! How exciting! I’ll bring the croissants!) and I went to bed feeling relieved and excited again. So there it is, the Big Project. “Pushed back” as they say in the biz, but still happening.

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25 Responses

  1. what about loobylu portraits?
    how much would you charge for a loobylu of Franklin?

  2. I actually do portraits for folks already Ada! At the moment, the idea of the shop is to have another stream of income (trickle? Drip??) that is not dependant on my time once i have created the products. Perhaps it won’t work but the idea is to free up my days so that I can work on that children’s book I have been talking about for ever.

  3. Get well soon! Looking after little snotties when you’re sick yourself is truly torture. Would love to buy the greeting cards one day – but don’t guilt out over unrealistic self-imposed deadlines! You’re amazing to get so much done as it is. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’d love to buy loobylu stuff, but hopefully you will be selling it from australia and not the US.
    The cups from cafepress (I think) looked great, but I couldn’t justify paying something like $45 for a coffee cup.

  5. I definitely would be producing and distributing from Australia, using local printers and envelope stuffing chez robbo so costs will be kept down. Cafe Press is convenient but much to expensive to ship back here, which is why I don’t sell through Cafe Press anymore.

  6. yay! i think that you should design fabric. that would be sweet.

  7. pipp – I would LOVE to design fabric… one day, one day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I think it’s a great plan. I do hope you’ll ship to Europe as well though, I love to get some Loobylu stuff. Take your time, and get well soon!

  9. Go to it! I’m a buyer!

  10. duncan.mcpherson@bigpond.com.au says:

    me too!
    And the fabric design idea is great (I can just see myself dressed head-to-toe in the House of Loobylu!

    Quell those nasty snots dearie and get amongst it. =8-)

  11. Howdy Claire,
    I’m doing the same big project. I completely understand where you’re coming from – artist mom with a little one under one trying to get something off the ground that can capitalize on work you’ve already done! Give me an email if you want to talk – I’m happy to share whatever resources I can (though mine are in the US). (I’m still figuring mine out too!)

    Hugs to you three from us three.

  12. getting colded is your body telling you to slow it down a bit!
    that or that playgroup-itis has started…
    just wait till the baby starts school…you all then get every ick in the book ;(
    Feel better soon!
    I was really hoping for Halloween pics and cards in addition to Xmas! Solstice, Night sky etc.
    The best of luck to you!

  13. I had a go at the first steps to getting a merchant account earlier this year.
    The banks are just so intimidating.

    I actually freaked out and hung up on them once when they wanted to take my info.

    …so you’re not doing that bad comparatively. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. What a fantastic idea. I am a definite customer. Would so much prefer to buy card etc from you than some crappy Hallmark company.

  15. azuradec@hotmail.com says:

    Oooh. hope i will able to but the stuff from england.

  16. azuradec@hotmail.com says:

    or buY even

  17. dearmisha@yahoo.com says:

    What the heck is lurgy? I looked it up in the dictionary to no avail!
    Is it Aussie-talk? Or just Looby-talk?

  18. I feel your pain Claire! I just spent the entire gorgeous LA weekend sequestered in my office writing a business plan. Itย’s a total drag, especially when youย’re a creative type, but itย’s that all too necessary first step. Writing a plan can be intimidating but thereย’s lots of help out there, http://www.bplan.com can get you pointed in the right direction. Good luck! I know your business will be a hit!

  19. I look forward to seeing Loobylu greeting cards! Good luck on the new business, Claire!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. michelle — a lurgy is a Robertson name for a nasty little cold and or stomach thing – not to be confused with loogey but a lurgy is often accompanied by loogies (not be confused with the Logies — Australia’s answer to the Emmys which is also often accompanied by loogies).

  21. dearmisha@yahoo.com says:

    Ahhhh yes, clear as mud! This reminds me of another favourite non-word of mine: ‘slumpy’ (to describe that state when you’re in a grumpy, slouchy slump).

  22. As for paying by credit card, I would recommend finding a host that includes that in their hosting package. I know mine has a secure shopping cart, as long as you buy the business plan. (7.95 American a month).

  23. Grin, I also have hung up on banks before while trying to get merchant accounts and having a panic attack! I’ve also hung up on printers before when trying to negotiate printing up cards. So nervewracking!Would you ever license your designs to US and European card manufacturers? that takes printing and shipping out of your hands and puts money in your pocket to print up your other images! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Without hope, the rest is nothing.

  25. i think it would be a good idea to keep your cafe press store open just in case for customers that you do have in the U.S. just my $0.02! ๐Ÿ™‚