Chilly digits

I am coming out of what I guess must have been a post-holiday slump. For a few days last week I thought I might have to go and find “someone to talk to” as the self doubt, self criticism and the heavy hearted feelings of “woe, woe is me” were all getting a bit claustrophobic. My head was thick with it but yesterday and today I am beginning to feel some energy again. Maybe it’s mum’s good vegetable soup working it’s magic. Home made stock is the secret to good soup.
But goodness me it is cold! My hands are numb as I type and I am craving cups of coffee – more for the warmth than the caffeine.

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And Australia is under nuclear threat and plastic ducks are landing in Nova Scotia. With the bad comes the good… or at least the quirky.

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    I am breastfeeding so trying not to have too much caffeine. I do drink coffee, but have a cup of Ecco if I want a hot drink and have already had coffee/tea that day. It may take some getting used to, but it is lovely with milk and sugar.
    Claire – I love your website, your blog and your illustrations. I was pregnant and had my son Ari a few months after Amelia, so have been especially interested in what you have written. My mum is an amazing knitter and has gone crazy making things for her first grandson. Next thing coming is a gorgeous friendly, not scary) clown.

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    I am happy to hear that you are coming out of your slump– and I think that you are quite right about home made stock! It is warm and sunny here in Minnesota– 8:30pm and the sun is still gracing the trees with brilliant light. Just think, Spring is right around the corner– green sprouts through wet soil, tiny bouqets, the giggling of Amelia J as you sit upon the green grass. 🙂

  3. i think i’ve been living off soup for the past few weeks.
    mostly potato and kumera-based ones, too.

    red lentils often play a role.

  4. Claire…You need a cup of this. We got some on the weekend and its YUMMY!!!

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    I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia and have heard about the impending amphibious assault by the rubber ducks on the local news. No sign of the them yet, though. Pretty amazing to think they came from the other side of the planet through the Arctic Circle. Hope you’re feeling better Claire and keep treading water. You never know where the currents will take you.

  6. that story is incredible and put a big smile on my face. i know how it is to be cold and just not able to warm up – though it’s odd to hear about it in the middle of our summer. i’m sending heatwaves of company your way.

  7. Claire, it’s summer where I am in Calgary, Alberta, and I would be glad to send some of our hot weather your way 🙂 I’m excited about the Christmas cards (July 13 post) and hope I can find them somewhere come the holidays.

  8. I hate it when my hands arre cold and I don;t feel like typing. So i bought a warm fairly cheap pair of gloves and just cut off the very tips so that I could type and knit and crochet while keeping my hand warm

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    come up to sydney! its lovely here…you may find that you’ve not been feeling so great becasue you’ve not been eating properly… it can make a huge difference in lots of ways 🙂

  10. I am feeling much better today. That Haigh’s hot chocolate looks incredible Ben. I think I might have to make the trip down to Glenferrie Rd to pick some up.

  11. Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling down, sometimes the blues just hit you and it’s hard to be yout normal, jolly creative self. I hope your feeling more like yourself soon.

  12. Well that just ruins my theory that nobody wants to hurt Australia. I’ve always been working under the premise that everyone forgets you guys are down there, lucky for you…there go my plans to move to a nuclear-threat-free country. Dangit.

  13. No such luck Ashley — our current government is quite good at ruffling the feathers of our near neighbours in the region. Right now would not be the best time to move to Australia seeking safety and obscurity.

  14. Tis not a holiday slump … tis the dreaded lackk of Vitamin E from el sol. Those pesky N. Hemisphere types have (k)nicked it all for the next couple of weeks. Hang in there my petal. But keep us up to date with that lovely writing style of yours.

  15. oh my, i WISH it was cold over here, the heat is unbearable!!

  16. really cute site hun, I wish it were cold here but it’s really not that bad so I can’t complain