My favourite site has disappeared for a while. Now I can’t say to Big-P as I check my daily bookmarks, “let’s see what’s going on over at the hub!” knowing full well that he hasn’t updated. But I will go back to look as this photo regularly.

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  1. says:

    Beautiful new design! What a chic loobylu for winter. Cute little astronaut!

  2. I love the new design 😀

  3. says:

    Love the new picture !

  4. says:

    I really love the new illo… the textures are really cool… you’re really getting better and better

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    meanwhile, all the readers who don’t realize what side of the earth you’re on scratch their heads and say “man, she’s kinda nutty, it’s nowhere near winter…”

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    The direction your illustrations are taking reminds me so much of the ones in little story books I had when I was a kid, or was it the cartoons back then! The speckles, the cut-out look, and that edging? All looks so good in it’s own right, but makes me feel a little nostalgic as well. It’s really interesting watching your stuff develop too. Thanks for sharing it with everyone 🙂

  7. I bought a little child’s bowl in the flea market yesterday. On the bottom of the bowl was a boy and two girls dancing in a farmyard with two little ducks. There was the alphabet all around the upper rim.
    The children look slightly “loobylu-ish”

  8. ooh Ada – that sounds very cool. I have a penchant for children’s crockery. Are you able to take a photo of it some time?

  9. i love the new picture, but the clothes you illustrated are great! that looks like one superwarm dress!

  10. I’m also intrigued by your textures, are these created in Illustrator?
    I’m an animator and usually all the characters I’ve worked with are always designed in block colour. I think, because it’s easier and quicker to recreate.Excuse my lack of tech info, but can can you make a palette/swatch of textures that you can quickly apply or is each one painstakingly applied?

  11. LOVE the new design & image! so cozy! 🙂

  12. Loving the new look — I really enjoyed reading about Mary Blair last month. I’m getting influenced by Eric Carle and Leo Lionni these days with all the children’s books I’ve been reading with Sophie.

  13. Claire,
    I’ll send you a photo soon.

  14. says:

    my daughter had a similar problem with her hearing test, a month later she still failed it so far the health visiters have just said they think she can hear it but choices to ignore it

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